When you"re passionate to include a furry four-legged pup to her family, here are the ideal dog breeds because that kids.

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Like peanut butter and jelly, kids and dogs just go together. Yet which dog breeds are ideal for families with kids?

Yeah, all puppies space cute that course, however personality, task needs, grown size and even grooming requirements are important factors to think about when choosing a breed the works finest for you and your kids. Think around your family"s living arrangement, too. Do you have a huge yard an excellent for a large, strong dog to stretch its legs? do you live in an urban area where room is limited? get to know these 20 breeds and why specialists say they make great choices because that families.

Cocker spaniels tend to be gentle, playful and also dependable, do them great all-around furry friends. Follow to the American Kennel Club, they do wonderful playmates because that children, especially active kiddos eager to burn off energy with this energetic doggo. No matter the weather, cocker spaniels love come run about outside, so store the rain boots by the door. These pooches room eager come please and willing to learn. They also make great greeters, enthusiastically welcoming owner home, tails insanity wagging.

The Labrador retriever makes a an excellent family dog many thanks to his happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging nature. This sturdy, enthusiasm doggo paws-itively loves to exercise, making that a good fit for active kids and also families eager to run, jump, swim and play fetch with this vivid pup. This fun-loving, protective breed can grow to 80 pounds, according to Hill"s pet Nutrition, therefore make sure he has actually plenty of room to roam and play. Labs prefer to it is in engaged, so teach this playful pup a new trick or two.

Poodles are even-tempered and also well-behaved, making lock popular among families. Standard poodles, in particular, room well-suited to active families offered their playful and also energetic nature. This pups don"t bark much and also like come socialize, both v humans and fellow pups they encounter while out on a walk in the neighborhood. Per Canine Journal, poodles are smart and easy come train, too. They learn quickly and are sensibly protective, eager to store watch over youngsters in the backyard or at the playground.

Pugs room enthusiastic and exuberant, clever and also comical, follow to Dogtime. Your sparkling eyes and wrinkly deals with delight adults and kids alike. Your expressions room so human-like, evoking curiosity, wonder and also joy. These pint-sized pups may top out at 20 pounds, yet they are eager come run, jump and play. They"re low-maintenance and rarely bark, making lock a great choice amongst families with small children. They"re an excellent cuddlers, too. These small dogs are much more than happy v a snuggle and also a snooze.

The friendly and affectionate Cavalier King Charles spaniel is suitable pick as a household dog thanks to its gentle nature and also eagerness come please. These happy tiny dogs – the each other tops out at 18 pounds – space especially great with children, according to the American Kennel Club. Lock are fast learners and also interact well with caregivers, making lock delightful family members companions. These easygoing dog love a snuggle, too. Countless describe this pint-sized pup together the perfect snuggle buddy.

Beagles are wonderful family dogs thanks to their playful and loving nature. They are energetic, friendly and also sturdy, every Rover.com. They are likewise largely child-proof regardless of their reasonably small size (beagles max the end at simply 35 pounds). Children will peter out prior to these peppy pups do. Beagles space inquisitive and good-natured, however they do crave attention. A houseful of children (i.e., tireless playmates) is best for this fun-loving dog. Beagles make an excellent family guard dogs too, eager to alarm the family to suspiciously sounds v a boisterous bark.

The golden retriever is such a well-known breed – especially among families – the he even has his very own day. Yes, Feb. 3 is National golden Retriever Day, a day come celebrate every there is come love around this exceedingly friendly and fun-loving dog breed. Some even trumpet this breed for having actually a golden personality, which makes the gold retriever a first-rate pick for kids and families. He"s patient, tolerant, playful and also enthusiastic. It"s no surprised that this breed continuously ranks amongst the American Kennel Club"s top-five most famous breeds.

Border collies are world pups, according to Vetstreet. They room at their best when with their humans, and also they target to please. This mild-mannered breed is gentle and reliable, rarely acting up or misbehaving. He"s also quick come learn and easy to train – all great qualities in a family dog. Border collies love children of every ages. They do especially well with active families eager to spend loads of time outside. They also live happily next by next with various other pups (and cats).

The Newfoundland breed might be large (males have the right to weigh up to 150 pounds), yet they are among the gentlest of every dog breeds. This breed has actually been described as both "nature"s nanny" and also "the nanny dog" because of their mild-mannered personalities and also exceptional temperament through children. They might drool and also shed, however that renders them every the more lovable. These huge fur-babies want little much more than come love on and also watch over your humans, every PetMD.

The Havanese might not it is in as well-known as some dog breeds, however this cuddly pup is quickly coming to be a favorite amongst families, follow to PetGuide.com. The Havanese desires to please and also is passionate to be a loyal companion. This pocket-size pup – the each other weighs 10 come 15 pounds – loves children. The is reasonably easy to train and also wants to invest as much time through his human beings as possible. The noted, that doesn"t carry out well once left alone for prolonged periods of time.

This teacup pup is sweet, loving and also as lively together they come. The papillon may be small, yet he is mighty. Much more than a lapdog, this sprightly breed likes come play. He even excels in ~ agility and also obstacle courses. Offered his dimension – topping the end at 10 pounds – this breed provides a an excellent pick because that city-dwelling families. He"s just as happy running roughly the apartment as he is frolicking in a park. This pup likes to socialize and is especially good with kids and also families, according to Dogtime.

The Bernese mountain dog is not only a wonderful family dog, but likewise a very good family safety dog, per the American Kennel Club. This gentle breed is a loving companion because that children, eager to watch end them. If this huge breed dog does enjoy a an excellent snooze in the sun, he additionally likes to romp around outside, especially across a snow-covered backyard. (He is a cold-loving Alpine breed, after all.) This breed deserve to be shy, for this reason it"s great to socialize that with various other pups and also humans.

The bichon frise is a smart and also friendly pup. He"s additionally a great listener and also easy come train. Given his small size, this each other is a great pick because that city-dwelling families. These furry pups don"t need tons of exercise, per Vetstreet.com, however they do appreciate a good stroll approximately the block come meet and greet the neighbors. Because that first-time dog owners, the bichon frise is a an excellent pick provided his calm, good-natured personality, which additionally makes the a top an option for families.

The loyal and pleasant-natured shih tzu is a dream doggo for families. This priceless pooch may have been bred together a lapdog, but he enjoys a playful prance around the park, too. This cuddly canine is eager to be a love companion because that life, follow to Dogtime. As a bonus, the shih tzu often tends to be less yappy than other toy each other — a plus because that those v very tiny children (i.e., those that take naps and also need not be disturbed). It’s difficult to go wrong v this friendly, lovable pooch.

Better known as security dogs, German shepherds are specifically well-suited as household dogs, too. They deserve to be particularly gentle and loving companions. This breed is calm and caring, but likewise protective and respectful. These doggos have a many energy and also are a an excellent match for active families that like to run, hike and play catch. Commonly considered among the finest family security dogs, German shepherds know exactly how to store their family safe. This dog breed loves children and makes suitable lifelong friend, according to Hill"s pet Nutrition.

French bulldogs are warm and good-natured. Lock love to play and spend high quality time through their humans, make them fantastic companion dogs, per the American Kennel Club. They additionally value your beauty sleep – they can sleep 12 come 14 hours a day. This petite pups don’t need a lot of exercise – a walk roughly the block will do. They additionally don"t have actually a lot to bark around and have actually much love to give the family. It"s no surprised that Frenchies space the most-hashtagged dog each other on Instagram.

Weimaraners desire little more than to be good family dogs. Lock are devoted people-pleasers that love your humans. As soon as a hunting dog used by German royalty, this large breed is now widely commemorated as a family dog, according to Vetstreet.com. One look right into their blue-gray eyes and also it"s tough not to loss in love with the Weimaraner. This gorgeous gray dog love safety time outdoors v kids and family. They can make an ideal companion pup for kids.

We every love the royals. For this reason naturally, us all love corgis. Queen Elizabeth II has actually owned more than 30 corgis due to the fact that becoming queen in 1952. This adorable pups have little legs the don’t require lengthy walks, do them correctly suited for family members with small children (who also have small legs). Corgis space gentle, loving and smart, per The dog Journal. Lock love come please and follow about their humans, specifically children. This sociable breed has actually a normally loving personality. That won"t take long before a corgi grow a solid bond v the family.

The fun-loving and also adorably inquisitive soft-coated wheaten terrier is a wonderful pick for active families, per the American Kennel Club. This mid-size each other is gregarious, energetic and also oh-so-cuddly. Youngsters will love a good snuggle with this friendly furball. Wheatens room protective – lock make fantastic watch dogs. However, they"re not the ideal family guard dogs. They love everyone. Wheatens don"t require a huge backyard, however they enjoy lengthy walks and also the occasional expedition to the agility park.

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The glamourous, silky coated ireland setter surprises through his boundless energy. He loves come run and also requires a many exercise, do him far better suited for very active families, follow to Hill"s pet Nutrition. Take him top top hikes, visit the dog park and play catch in the backyard. His exuberance can be a lot of for little children. Together in, he may knock them over. Still, his joy and also zest for life make this elegant breed a popular an option among families eager because that a dynamic dog with power to spare.