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What is the best means to clean kitchen cabinets? At an initial glance, that seems choose a simple question with a an easy answer. I absolutely thought so. But after reading what the professionals had come say, ns was surprised the there a lot was more to it.


While I’ve been utilizing Murphy Oil Soap exclusively to clean the grim and also grease turn off my kitchen cabinet, ns should have actually been making use of it in a two-step process. MurphyOil Soapis intended to gain back the wood’s herbal glimmer ~ the initial class of dirt and grime is gone.

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I chose to experiment v each cleaning method on one of my kitchen cabinets to gain my thoughts and find the best way to clean my wooden kitchen cabinets.

DIY Network and Everyday Cheapskate

I do the efforts both DIY Networks vinegar/ water mixture and also Everyday Cheapskate’s olive oil/ vinegar/ water mixture for basic Cleaning. When both did an excellent job clean my cabinets, ns struggled with the lingering vinegar smell. The reminded me the Easter once we use vinegar to shade eggs.

Grapes and also Spendor

Next, ns tried Grapes and Spendor baking soda/ toothpaste/ water mixture. While the odor was much more palatable, the toothpaste odor reminded me that I necessary to call my dentist because that a check up. I think part folks will certainly really favor this method, but it simply wasn’t because that me. And also again, like the DIY Network and also Everyday Cheapskate, that cleaned the grease and grime turn off my cabinets.

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The Spruce and Thomasville

Onto The Spruce. If girlfriend remember, The Spruce encourage a few commercial clean products, favor Goo Gone, orange oil cleaner, and canruaba wax. Goo gone I’ve used several times in DIY projects, consisting of removing stubborn glue to reclaim an old wooden rocking chair. It’s an reliable and powerful cleaner for spot cleaning.

But for basic cleaning, I favored The Spruce’s idea behind just great old dish washing soap and also water. (It’s the same an approach recommended by Thomasville, who made my kitchen cabinets). Why? after ~ thinking about it, it renders sense. Dish washing fluid is one alkaline-based product that efficiently cuts with grease. Most of the grime on my cabinets originates from grease or food. So if dish soap that can reduced through those points on my pots and also pans, the should additionally work on her cabinets.

Wait a minute….. Wasn’t the Dawn’s tagline at one point? “Dawn take away grease out of your way” Insert cheezy 1990s Dawn food washing soap commercial native YouTube here…..

(Side keep in mind for you folks that remember the 1980s and 1990s – it think the actress in the blue vest also played Andrea Zuckerman indigenous Beverly Hills 90210…..agree?)

Ultimately, just how did ns clean my wood kitchen cabinets?

For me, I discovered my favorite an approach to clean mine kitchen cabinets is The Spruce and Thomasville’s recommended an approach of dish washing soap (Dawn) for basic cleaning, however with one change.

For general cleaning, I merged a squirt that Dawn food soap right into a bucket of warm water. If you desire to acquire technical, the was around 1/2 teaspoon to 8 cup of water. I washed the cabinets with my favourite sponge (Scotch-Brite heavy Duty Scrub Sponge) dipped into the solution. For locations that necessary extra attention as result of grease or grime, or intricate cabinet details, ns scrubbed v an old toothbrush.

I thought the cabinets to be a little too soapy, so ns wiped castle down through a towel dipped in just warm water.

But ns didn’t avoid there. I filled up a bucket with about 1 gallon the water and 1/4 cup the Murphy Oil Soap (per the bottle’s directions) and did one more wipe to make the cabinets shine and have the oil soap smell that I’m so nostalgic about.

What walk I finish up with? These great cabinets, every clean and also with rich hardwood tones shining through!

What’s up next? Tackling other parts of mine kitchen…

I hope this round-up write-up of 5 expert opinions on just how to clean her kitchen cabinet helped. If it did (or didn’t…) you re welcome let me know! and after you have actually tacked your kitchen cabinets, check the end these related cleaning posts: