Whatever the reason you’re heading to ras Vegas, you’ll want to carve out an afternoon or 2 at the pool. In this desert city, cooling off at a splendid pool is just one of the best ways to gain your vegas vacation. This pools much surpass a classic hotel swimming pool at other destinations. Las vegas hotels go all the end to make sure their guests have actually an unforgettable endure at the finest hotel pools in las Vegas.

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Best Hotel Pools in Downtown ras Vegas

No matter which component of las Vegas you want to remain in, over there are great pools waiting for you. From Downtown to the strip (and also off the Strip), you’ll uncover magnificent pools with food and drink service and also even live music. There space so many incredible hotels with pools girlfriend could pick to stay at, but we’ve controlled to narrow under the ideal hotel pools in ras Vegas. To maintain an exclusive atmosphere, countless hotels only permit pool accessibility to hotel guests. Others offer access with a daily fee or cabana rental. Still, others room for adult only. Usage this list to plan out your following several continues to be in ras Vegas for this reason you deserve to experience the best pools in ras Vegas no matter where you pick to stay.

Photo courtesy of golden Nugget

$$ | 4 Star | AAA 4 Diamond compensation | All-Around Fun

This swimming pool ranks high on our list due to the fact that of the water slide that runs with a 200,000-gallon shark tank. If you’re careful, you have the right to grab sweet videos the the ride through your phone. Or just swim as much as the side of the tank for some shark selfies. The Tank likewise has 17 private cabanas obtainable to rental on three different pool decks. It’s a good place come relax, order drinks, and enjoy one exotic suffer without having to get into a shark cage. Non-hotel guests can access this pool for a fee during the day, Monday v Thursday.

If you like an even an ext exclusive vibe, head over to The Hideout i beg your pardon is their 21+ pool. Girlfriend must have actually a cabana, daybed, or chaise lounge rental to accessibility it on the third floor. And also if the pools are full, friend can also consider reserving a Terrace Level Bed that overlooks the pool complex.

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Photo courtesy that Circa resort & Casino

$$$ | 4 Star | Adults just | sporting activities Betting Heaven

The stadion Swim pool deck at Circa Resort and also Casino made quite the splash as soon as it opened. The stadium-style pools sit beneath the can be fried sports display that renders sports enthusiasm swoon over the 40-foot through 143-foot display. Book your chaise lounge or cabana early on to obtain a seat on the lawn whereby you have the right to dip into the pool any kind of time. We additionally love the you deserve to swim approximately a bar to grab your drink if girlfriend want. Hotel guests have actually early accessibility to the pool, however anyone have the right to reserve a lounger, table, cabana, or daybed to gain at the greatest outdoor sports screen in the world. Circa fight it out of the park with this experience that quickly makes the finest hotel pools in las Vegas list for anyone that loves sports.

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Photo courtesy of Downtown Grand

$$ | 3 Star | large Resort and Casino | an excellent for Families

The pool at the Downtown Grand has won the 2020 award as the finest rooftop swimming pool in downtown ras Vegas. It has the biggest pool deck in downtown—35,000 square feet of an are to dance, drink, and also party in the las vegas sun. Girlfriend can also hang out in a cabana or close to a fire pit when the night cool come on. We also love the there room plenty of backyard games to play when you’re ready to challenge your friend to some competition. They additionally have live DJs on but on the weekend that keep the vibes high.

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Best Hotel Pools ~ above the north Strip

If you prefer staying on the north end of the Strip, then be sure to try one that these best hotel pools in ras Vegas.

Photo Courtesy the Encore by Wynn

$$$ | 5 Star | at sight Exclusive | Lush Golf Course

The Wynn las Vegas resort knows just how to cater to guest who want sheer luxury and opulence whether they lounge in a quiet swimming pool or hit up the exclude, nightclub pool. The Encore Beach society serves that latter purpose as an all-day and all-night pool v live, world-class DJ performances throughout the week. You have the right to relax in ~ a poolside cabana or daybed and also slip into a temperature-controlled swimming pool whenever you desire to refreshing yourself. There room three levels for you to view this spectacular pool and plenty of poolside dining options.

The wynn resort likewise has various other pools you deserve to experience together a guest. Both the Wynn and Encore have actually their own main pool that’s just as serenely luxurious together you’d suppose them come be. Or girlfriend can try the XS lounge together your other option to a nightlife pool after you’ve make the efforts the Encore beach Club. No matter you’re style, Wynn has actually you covered.

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Photo courtesy that Resorts civilization Las Vegas

$$ | 3 Star | Brand new Location | substantial Pool Complex

Spanning five acres, this brand brand-new pool complex is among the largest elevated swimming pool decks in ras Vegas. You can select to lounge or swimming in any of the seven pools here. Alternatively, guests deserve to opt because that a VIP-exclusive endure at among the various other two pools that space 21-or-older and also reservations only. We like that they have a family pool through water features for children to enjoy. And also for even much more fun, shot out the Bimini pools that have actually interactive lawn games obtainable too. What’s good about this new complex is girlfriend can choose to stay at one of three hotels on the property—4,500 rooms in total!

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$$ | 4 Star | Opulent and also Stylish | Rooftop Pools

SAHARA boasts two impeccably stylish rooftop pools: Alexandria and Retro. The Alexandria swimming pool is just for 21-and-older hotel guests, and also the Retro swimming pool is open to any type of hotel guest. Since this hotel is located at the north finish of the Strip, these rooftop pools market a truly distinctive view the both downtown las Vegas and also the remainder of the Strip. Relax in the exact same decadent high-end you find in her hotel room here. Cabanas and also daybeds have the right to be rented approximately 90 work in advance, therefore make sure to grab one as shortly as you book this hotel. Their poolside drinks and also bites room a tasty method to continue to be refreshed. If you’re here on a weekend, live DJs store the vibes high all afternoon at the Alexandria pool.

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Best Hotel Pools on the south Strip

You’ll uncover some the the many iconic pools below on the southern side of the Strip. Girlfriend may have to flip a coin to decision which hotel friend just need to stay at.

$$-$$$$ | 5 Star | famous Fountain Attraction | Stunning Gardens

Transport yourself to the Mediterranean by security the afternoon alfresco at the Bellagio pools. Perfectly manicured trees and also azure water invite you come relax in layout here. Hotel guests can wander to any one that the 5 pool courtyards to discover the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon cocktail and a refreshing emboldened in the water. Renting a cabana is a must here at the Bellagio. The Milan Premium Cabana rental has snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit plates, couches and also chairs, swimming pool rafts, TV, refrigerator, and more. Pick spa solutions can likewise be booked at part cabanas, so be certain to indulge you yourself completely. Having actually said that, friend don’t have to have a cabana to have a massage. Simply speak to the hotline to reserve a poolside massage as you bask in the serene elegance about you.

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$$ | 4 Star | Iconic corner Landmark | largest Casino ~ above the Strip

There’s so lot to carry out at the MGM Grand pool Complex. Hotel guests have the right to enjoy a winding lazy river, four gorgeous pools, three whirlpools, and several waterfalls. Oh, and also of course, over there are five bars wherein you have the right to order a cool drink and fresh food to store your energy up together you explore all there is to offer. Test the temperature of each swimming pool to discover the one the suits friend best. There is lot of of cost-free seating throughout the complex, but we introduce grabbing a cabana to administer a little extra shade—and service. Every cabana comes with a TV, fridge, Wi-Fi, swimming pool rafts, safes, lounge chairs, a couch, and also more.

For a much more exclusive adult experience, head over to the Wet Republic Ultra Pool. You deserve to mingle in ~ the open-air lounge, relax in a bungalow, or dip into a much more intimate swimming pool setting.

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$$ | 4 Star | epos Volcano display | great for Under 45 Crowd

Step right into a tropical oasis here at The Mirage. Lush greenery soothing the harsh cityscape and enhances the vibe that this phenomenal pool. Us love how many waterfalls and also hidden nooks there room to explore. You have lots of alternatives to make reservation the best spot to gain a work in the sun: daybed, oasis premium seating, reserved seating, and cabanas. There room plenty of open up seats to grab also though. Be certain to seize a boozy Dole Whip in ~ the Dolphin Bar to stay refreshed, then dip right into one of 2 saltwater pools or the jetted whirlpools.

We have actually to point out the other two noteworthy things around the Mirage Pools: the adults-only Bare swimming pool for discreet topless bathing, and also the secret dolphin habitat whereby you can publication an interactive task with dolphins. Opt for whichever one floats her boat.

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$$$ | 5 Star | Hip, Cool, and Stunning | modern-day Modern

If you choose a hotel swimming pool that’s a little much more lively and also attracts more of an under-40 crowd, then stay at the Cosmopolitan wherein the Boulevard swimming pool keeps the party going. Upbeat music plays transparent the pool deck and there are plenty of loungers and daybeds for a group of friends come meet and mingle with various other groups. Throughout the summer, the Cosmo adds even more entertainment alternatives at this fourth-floor pool. Friend can capture a movie top top the huge marquee or hang about for sunset cocktail hour with a live DJ until 8:00 p.m.

Cabanas and daybeds deserve to be reserved, but big groups may love the idea the renting the attached terrace lounge that has air conditioning, TVs, and poolside service. Non-hotel guests should reserve a cabana or daybed to obtain access, however they are often reserved so arrangement ahead. ~ you’ve had an afternoon in ~ the party pool, you deserve to also try the other impressive pool: The Chelsea. It’s a quieter pool for relaxing with soothing beats in a stylish oasis. Or opt come head over to the Marquee Dayclub because that 21+ entertainment in ~ an outdoor pool and lounge.

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$$$ | 5 Star | Walk-Through Shark Reef | finest Beach in Vegas

It goes without saying that Mandalay beach is the top pool in las Vegas because that a couple of reasons. This massive pool facility spans 11 acres and includes the finest sandy beaches in ~ a ras Vegas hotel pool. You have the right to ride the waves at the substantial wade-in tidal pool, to rise the lazy river, or emboldened in among the eight pools (one of which is “toptional”). In spite of how liven it can get, there’s always room for more, and the water stays a refreshingly cool temperature. There are cabanas galore come reserve here—all situated near her favorite water feature.

When you’re hungry, bespeak a fabulous burger and also cocktail native the beach Bar & Grille. You can also opt to hang the end at the exclude, Daylight Beach club if you like a hot club pool party or the Moorea Beach society for a sophisticated adults-only club. Spending all day in ~ Mandalay Bay beach is a need to for at least one expedition to Vegas.

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