There room a great many factors to walk to Vegas. For many, the draw, that course, is the gambling and also the nightlife. For others, the the shows, the rides, and also the stunning lights.

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In short, whatever in las vegas is turned approximately eleven and is worth writing residence about. And also that’s true that the amazing pools too!

Here we will take a watch at several of the best pools in Vegas. If you space looking for an ext of a party pool, examine out the finest vegas pool parties, together the ones listed below are the regular resort pools and not day clubs.


MGM grand pool is just one of the best pools in ras Vegas.

Top 10 Pools in ras Vegas for 2021

1. MGM Grand swimming pool Complex

This is not just a pool but a ‘grand swimming pool complex’ that offers 6.5 acre of relaxation. What did we tell you? las vegas does not do things by half!


The pool complicated at MGM grand contains a big lazy river.

That consists of a complete of four different swimming pools, 3 whirlpools, a bunch that beautiful waterfalls, part lazy flow stretches, and also more. Every little thing you enjoying doing in the pool, you’ll have the ability to find a spot here to enjoy, and you’ll find stunning views and tons to execute at every turn.

MGM Grand pool Hours

Main pool & Live Lucky: 9 am – 7 pmLazy River: 9 am – 5 pmPrivate Reserve pool (18+): 9 to be – 7 pm

MGM cool pool complicated facing the Signature.

MGM cool Pool scheduled Seating

You have the right to reserve seating consisting of lounge chairs, work beds, and cabanas in ~ MGM Grand.

Prices are the very least expensive during non-peak days like during the weak, no holidays, and during feather or fall.

Typical pricing:

Lounge chairs: native $50 come $100Day beds: $250+, price contains food and also beverage minimumCabanas: $1000-$1600, price has food and beverage minimum


The grand Pool complex at MGM Grand provides one that the most elegant swimming experiences through celebrities recognized to frequent this substantial 27,000 square feet area fill with five swimming pools, three big whirlpools, a lazy river, and more all set in specifically lush and tropical landscape.

Check out this 360-degree photograph of the complex:

Where is the pool situated at MGM Grand?

From the front workdesk head toward the casino and also KA Theatre. Continue to be right and also heads towards the District and also keep walking until you with the swimming pool complex.

Here is a map the the complex, through the swimming pool area in red:


Families especially enjoy the 1,000-feet lengthy river, funny for the kids and young adults who frequently use it as the perfect place to mingle or to coast together with a drink-in-hand and also no worries at all.

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Mirage hotel and resort in ras Vegas. An excellent pool overall!

2. The Mirage Pool

The Mirage swimming pool ticks a entirety lot of boxes. Because that those looking come relax in the desert heat, there room rows ~ above rows the deckchairs.Then there are the many stunning waterfalls for you to sit and chill under, or to play under.


The waterfall at the Mirage swimming pool in las Vegas.

The pool itself is a massive, interconnected behemoth. There are personal cabanas, the perfect spot come sit and also enjoy part calm v some friends the end of the straight glare the the sun.

Main swimming pool Hours:

Mon-Sun: 9 am – 7 pm

Private Oasis & Cabana Hours

Mon-Sun: 10 am – 6 pm

Check the end this 360-degree picture of the Mirage Pool:

The Mirage pool is among the many popular and top rated in the city. Through a Polynesian tropical island feel and also a quarter-mile shoreline, this especially inviting setup is filled with lush foliage and also waterfalls together with waterslides.

The waterfall provides a quite respite indigenous the sun and you’ll additionally find a series of interconnected lagoons and also an adult “European-Style” pool (Bare) through tops optional.

Mirage Pool reserved Seating

You room able come reserve chairs, daybeds, and also cabanas because that a fees at different locations in ~ the Mirage pool.

Typical pricing:

Reserved chairs: $100+Daybeds: native $200Cabanas: from $400

You room able to reserve your an are directly top top the Mirage website using the map.

Where is the Mirage swimming pool Located?

See the map listed below for the location of the swimming pool which is near the retail area west that the casino area.


Reserve at Room at Mirage at low Rates

More details on Mirage Pool


The Cosmopolitan of las Vegas has some terrific pools.

3. Cosmopolitan (Blvd Pool)

This is another one that the best-known and most superior pools in Vegas.

It is another area with many huge, beautiful pools, and relaxing cabanas. You’ll be able to get wonderful food and drink, and also many locals usage this together a an excellent place to hang out v friends.


A see from the Blvd poll at the Cosmopolitan. Via Flickr

Perhaps the most exciting part is the opportunity to watch movies on pick evenings top top the large screen while you swim and also relax. Wherein else various other than Vegas?

Boulevard and Chelsea pool Hours:

Daily: 8 to be – 6 pm

Cosmopolitan swimming pool Locations:

Boulevard Pool: Level 4 | Boulevard TowerChelsea Pool: Level 14 | The Chelsea Tower

Check out this 360-degree picture of the Boulevard swimming pool at the Cosmopolitan:

Here is another great view from ideal atop the vegas Strip:

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Reviews that the Cosmopolitan Pool:


Venetian pool in vegas

4. Venetian and also Palazzo Pools

If you’re trying to find romance, you’ll discover it at the Venetian with a romantic swimming pool perfect for couples. Giving some the the ideal pools in Vegas, the Venetian’s 5 gorgeous pools will certainly leave you feeling like you’ve to be sunbathing in Venice.

The main pool is surrounding by beautiful manicured gardens, ornate gazebos, and also everything you might ever require for the can be fried in a deluxe pool experience.

The Venetian additionally offers a more secluded pool for those wishing come escape the hustle and bustle of the city and also enjoy quiet relaxation.

You obtain all the other features you’ve involved expect from las vegas pools – consisting of cabanas, a ‘TAO beach’, the aquatic club for an ext private swimming, and a poolside spa if you feeling like obtaining a massage.

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5. Red Rock resort Pool

The pool at the Red rock Hotel is among the most impressive in all of Vegas. It has a big circular pool in the middle, through many much more smaller pools radiating the end from it.

Those pools room stunningly lit in ~ night, if you’ll have the ability to see the titular red rocks in the background throughout the day. These pools cross a complete of three acres, and also offer 19 personal cabanas, swim-up gaming to save you and also the kids entertained, and an incredible ‘waterfall island’.

Check out the 360-degree watch of the Red Rock will pool below:

Those red rocks, that course, space actually the Red absent Canyon, which is just 10 miles west the the strip and also which provide one that the entry points come the grand canyon. The rocks look wonderful looming in the distance and give you the opportunity to drink in some stunning herbal scenery while enjoying the incredible artificial pools.

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Wynn swimming pool in las Vegas

6. Wynn/Encore Pools

Another vegas resort, another an option of huge pools with exceptional amenities. And also this time you really are acquiring spoiled through the thin luxury.

We’re talking mini-fridges, plasma TVs, plush chairs, and more in the exclusive cabanas. The pools themselves at the same time are adult-only for those that space fed up v being splashed and screamed at in the overcrowded Vegas family members resorts.

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Mandalay swimming pool in vegas

7. Mandalay only Pool and Lazy River

The pool at Mandalay just is absolutely one the the best pools in Vegas and also considered one of the large draws for the hotel through an 11-acre sand coast (2,700 loads of real sand) in a gorgeous tropical ar withrentable cabanas and also day beds, personalized villas and more.

Guests can throw their cares away floating along the lazy river underneath towering waterfalls, obtain a workout swim in one of three pools or enjoy body surfing in the 1.6 million gallon wave pool through waves up to six feet high.

For those that want to it is in entertained, the will is frequently home come a variety of touring live bands, i m sorry you can enjoy ~ above the sandy beach area.

Here you’ll feel like you’ve journeyed to an additional world, a slice of island paradise in the middle of the Nevada desert.

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8. Gold Nugget (The Tank) Pool

The golden Nugget’s swimming pool is called ‘The Tank’, which has actually an awful the majority of awesome going for it.

How walk a 200,000-gallon shark tank aquarium sound? then there’s the three-story complex, the 17 exclusive cabanas, and also the exceptional waterslide that offers you the faster route ago down!

All of this is built-in and around the pool, which provides for part absolutely distinct experiences. When you swim by the aquarium, you will do it feel together though you room swimming among the sharks. And the slide as well will take you in and through the aquarium, providing you the type of adrenaline sirloin you generally only acquire in Hollywood movies.

The H20 Bar gives you a location to grab a drink after, if the ‘hideout’ is the quiet spot because that older guest looking come relax far from loud kids.

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Caesars royal residence has many excellent pool choices.

9. Caesars palace (Garden of the Gods) Pool

Caesars royal residence pool looks every bit as elegant and also regal as you would suppose it to. This is a brilliant ar to come if you want to gain beautiful Instagram shots emerging from the water. There are several fountains, and a wide an option of tiny pools spread out out end a big area.

The Garden that the Gods swimming pool oasis at caesars Palace has six pools – choose your favorite.

The Apollo swimming pool is perfect for sun-worshippingFortuna Pool provides swim-up blackjackJupiter pool is appropriate for a tranquil, be sure experienceNeptune swimming pool is the location for mingling and socializing among beautiful peopleTemple pool is recognized for that is elegant views and the can be fried in luxuryThe Venus pool is famed for its exclusive pool experience. Venus provides some of the most premium actual estate as well as a isolated European-style retreat, 21 and also up only.

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Flamingo walk pool

10. Flamingo Pool

The Flamingo pool is simply as pink as you would suppose a pool called Flamingo to be! but that’s not the just draw. Swimming amongst the caves and the waterfalls is lots of fun for kids, when the huge parties that obtain thrown below regularly room the stuff of legends.

The pool is large with many shallow locations where you can relax and chat, and palm tree running under either next to develop a relaxed vibe.

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Infinity Pools in Vegas

Infinity pools room pools that have no visible sides. This is accomplished by keeping the water level specifically at the exact same height, in stimulate to create the illusion that the swimming pool either stop dead in its tracks or follow me endlessly into the horizon.

The ideal infinity pool is most likely the rooftop pool at the Downtown grand Hotel.

Others though include the infinity pools in ~ the ARIA Resort and also Casino, the tough Rock Hotel and also Casino, and also the Encore.

Lazy flow Pools in las Vegas

Lazy flow pools space pools that let you float about a pre-defined lap and enjoy the watch as girlfriend go. Generally this supplies a raft or float of some kind, and it’s perfect for drinking in the sights while sit back.

Some the the best lazy river pools in vegas include:

MGM Lazy RiverTahiti village Lazy RiverMandalay bay Lazy RiverHard absent Hotel Lazy RiverPark MGM Lazy River

Wave Pools in ras Vegas

Finally, the other exciting kind of swimming pool to visit is the tide pool. This swimming pool is designed to mimic the natural tide and also can be supplied for a clues of surfing – or simply for a entirety lot the fun. The waves often tend to be larger than life, giving youngsters the chance to leap over them or swim through them. The course, they nothing come bigger than the persons in Vegas!

Some that the ideal include The Tank (as mentioned), the ‘Surf-A-Rama’ tide Pool at Cowabunga only (ideal because that surfing and set among a 1950s drive-in cinema), and also the Mandalay Bay.

Tips for Maximizing the swimming pool Experience

If over there is a swimming pool you’d choose to visit but you aren’t staying at the hotel, uncover someone to let friend in. Chat it up with a group of civilization that room entering the pool and tell them friend “forgot her room key” or the you’re remaining at (insert hotel name) and wanted to “check this swimming pool out”. Be friendly and also most human being will oblige. Just don’t permit the hotels recognize you learned this trick from us!USE SUNSCREEN! It’s sunny all day, practically everyday in ras Vegas. So pack some sunscreen. We don’t want to check out you end up with severe sun burns.Don’t be insecure around your body. Nobody cares what friend look like. Seriously, nobody cares! Going come the swimming pool in ras Vegas is a method to relax and also have fun.Don’t pee in the pool. Seriously, it’s not cool!Have a good time. This must be the most stress-free event of her trip. Invest time in the water, civilization watch, and also forget around all your problems for a couple of hours.

Any pools an excellent for kids?

Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Excalibur, The Mirage and also The Flamingo are several of the many hotels that function family-friendly pools. These pools usually market poolside lounging because that the adults, and fun functions to game the kids in Vegas. Waterfalls, lazy rivers and open swimming areas are a couple of of the features youngsters can look front to.

You will most likely see the most youngsters at the Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand. Mandalay Bay supplies a beach prefer wave pool and a lazy river prefer MGM Grand.

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Closing Comments

As you have the right to see then, there space a huge number of incredible pools approximately Vegas and these have the right to offer the type of experiences, sights, and also fun that would certainly be the centerpiece of her holiday all over else! whereby else deserve to you swim with simply a thin item of glass between you and also a shark?

Where else can you gain such beautiful exclusive cabanas? Or pat a game of cards if relaxing at the bar? How about that rooftop infinity pool?

So, if you or your household enjoy having actually a splash around, or want to swim among the sharks, make certain that you nothing forget come pencil in part time to spend down the pool and also think carefully around which resort you desire to stay in!

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