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AFP / paper Angela Weiss because Hugh Hefner released the an initial American execution ofPlayboy magazine in 1953, thousands of stars have actually been ~ above the cover.

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Some actresses have fought toappear ~ above the covering ofPlayboy. Others, choose Jessica Alba, take it legal action to avoid showing up in the pages.

Marilyn Monroe to be famously the first model on Playboy"s cover and also probably the solitary most renowned woman to show up in the magazine. However she didn"t appear in that the most.

Keep analysis for a look in ~ the most famed women who graced the cover, and also some who showed up in Playboy more than once.

<1 cover> 2007: Mariah Carey showed up on her an initial (and only) Playboy cover the same year she began recording she 11th album, 'E=MC²,' i m sorry earned her the title of solo artist v the many No.1 singles, surpassing Elvis Presley.


<1 cover> 2009: Chelsea Handler's first, and also only, cover come out the exact same year she appeared on Maxim's hot 100. Her cover likewise came out shortly after her 2nd book "Are you There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea?" was released.


<1 cover> 1978: Dolly Parton make her solitary Playboy cover debut the same year her 20th album, "Heartbreaker," to be released.


<1 cover> 1977: Barbra Streisand showed up for the an initial and only time shortly after her track 'Evergreen' winner the artist her 2nd Oscar.


<2 covers> 1984 : Suzanne Somers has appeared on two covers, when in France and also once in the US. Her December 1984 American covering shot to be released in in between her last episode on "Three's Company" and her being named Las Vegas' entertainer of the Year.

< 2 covers> 2006: Jessica Alba has appeared on both the Japanese and also American covers of Playboy one time. This American cover shoot was also her promotional image for 2005 film "Into the Blue." Alba sue over the issue, speak it was used without her consent. The lawsuit was dropped ~ Hugh Hefner agreed to donate come charities of the actress' choice.

<2 covers> 2005: Paris Hilton has showed up on both the Slovakian and American consist of once. She 2005 American sheathe shot corresponded with her an initial major fim illustration in "House that Wax," as well as the relax of her 2nd book "Your Heiress Diary: Confess It all To Me."

<3 covers> 1985: Goldie Hawn has showed up on the cover of Playboy in France, Mexico, and the US. Her American sheathe shot to be released about the very same time together "Protocol," because that which she both acted in and also served together executive producer.

<3 covers> 1999: Charlize Theron has showed up on consist of in both Japan and the US three times total. Her 1999 American covering shot come out approximately the time she to be nominated because that a display Actor's Guild Award for her duty in "The Cider residence Rules."

55 percent more ad pages than the previous year's issue from the very same month." data-slide="" data-e2e-name="slide-10" >

<5 covers> 2012: Lindsay Lohan has been featured on Playboy consist of in five countries. Her appearance on the American sheathe was inspired by a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe that appeared in the magazine's first issue. Hugh Hefner stated Lohan's concern "broke sales records," selling 55 percent an ext ad pages than the previous year's concern from the exact same month.

<6 covers> 2004: Denise Richards has actually been a Playboy cover model in six countries. She American covering shot was taken just five months after offering birth come her second child, Lola Rose.

<9 covers> 2010: Tara Reid has showed up on the cover in nine countries, ranging from Colombia come Slovakia to Lithuania. Her 2010 American cover was released while she was filming the fear film, "The Fields."

< 9 covers> 2007: Kim Kardashian has showed up on a Playboy sheathe in nine countries. Her 2007 American cover followed the premiere of her family's reality present "Keeping Up with Kardashians" and was a story heat on the show.

<10 covers> 1995: attracted Barrymore has showed up on the sheathe in ten countries, varying from Japan to Russia. She 1995 American covering shot came out the same year together her film "Batman Forever."

<11 covers> 1985: Madonna has appeared on Playboy covers in ten countries, including multiple times in Spain. Her American cover shoot in 1985 corresponded with her marriage to Sean Penn and her illustration in "Desperately search Susan."

<12 covers> 1983: Joan Collins has appeared on 12 Playboy covers in 11 countries, consisting of once top top the American Playboy in 1983. As soon as the united state cover was released, she to be at the height of her fame ~ above the struggle TV show "Dynasty."

<13 covers> 1983: Kim Basinger has appeared on 13 Playboy consist of in 11 countries, including on the American edition viewed below. Her appearance as a Bond-girl in "Never speak Never" that same year together Sean Connery thrust the actress right into Hollywood limelight.

<15 covers> 1995: Farrah Fawcett has actually been featured top top 15 Playboy consist of in ten countries, including four times in the US. She showed up on American covers between 1978 and also 1997, i beg your pardon all corresponded with her movie releases. Her 1995 cover, in i m sorry she to be 48-years-old, came to be the magazine's best-selling problem of the decade.

<18 covers> 1999: Naomi Campbell has appeared on 18 Playboy consists in 16 countries, consisting of her American debut in 1999. She signed her first international cosmetics contract v Cosmopolitan Cosmetics the exact same year she was the American covering model, according to Vogue.

<22 covers> 1953: Marilyn Monroe, the very very first Playboy sheathe model, has showed up on the sheathe 22 times in 13 countries, ranging from Romania to Taiwan. Her 4 American appearances variety from 1953 to 2005, with only one being while she to be alive. Her critically acclaimed films were every released after her Playboy appearance. She 1953 cover shot is featured top top a rubber stamp celebrating Playboy's 50th anniversary.

<24 covers> 1989: La Toya Jackson has appeared on the sheathe of Playboy 24 time in 15 countries, consisting of twice in the US–once in 1989 and another time in 1991. She released three albums, "La Toya," "Bad Girl," and "No Relations" roughly the time her cover shot was released.

<32 covers> 2012: Jenny McCarthy has appeared on the cover 32 times in 14 countries, including six times in the US. She American appearances variety from 1994 come 2012. She was favored as Playmate of the Year in '94, one year after ~ Anna Nicole Smith. Her many recent cover shooting in July 2012 came just before her she 40th birthday.

<44 covers> 2003: Carmen Electra has appeared on Playboy 44 time in 21 countries, including three time in the US in between 2000 and also 2009. Electra became most renowned after her role in "Baywatch," yet her American covers come out lot later.


2003: Carmen Electra has appeared on Playboy 44 times in 21 countries, including three times in the US between 2000 and 2009. Electra came to be most well known after her function in "Baywatch" during 1997 and also 1998, but her American covers come out lot later.

<47 covers> 1993: Anna Nicole blacksmith has showed up on the cover 47 times in 20 countries, including five times in the US. The 1993 Playmate of the Year's American sheathe shots selection from 1992 to 2007, with the last one gift released a few months after she death. After the relax of her an initial Playboy picture, Guess jeans signed she on the spot together a model.

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<151 covers> 1989: Pamela Anderson has showed up on 151 covers in a whopping 31 countries, including 12 time in the US in between 1989 and 2007. Anderson's very first Playboy cover (below) came after certification in a collection of beer commercials.

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