The adhering to destinations are right to visit in August. In ~ the optimal of the list you’ll uncover spots the are at this time welcoming U.S. Travelers and also therefore likely to be open this summer. We are updating this list together information establishes on low-risk travel, yet the pandemic is leading to many and also frequent changes, therefore click come Ask Wendy prior to planning anything.

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Please additionally see our Covid-19 take trip coverage, including which countries are open to U.S. Travelers.

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Washington State: The san Juan Islands


Lime Kiln allude Lighthouse, Haro Straight, mountain Juan Islands, Washington. Photo: Shutterstock

August brings the clearest skies come the mountain Juans, making it among the most famous months to visit the region. Read exactly how this family made the many of one August trip to the islands throughout the pandemic.

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Makena, Maui. Photo: Hawaii tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

With a climate that is relatively stable year-round, Hawaii renders for a great late-summer coast getaway, particularly for families—provided you publication through a destination specialist that can help you stop the crowds.

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Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock

Iceland’s high season starts come taper off in the second fifty percent of the month, meaning that you’ll uncover fewer crowds, an ext hotel availability, and also somewhat much better prices—but the weather is still satisfied for exploring the country’s amazing landscapes.

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Costa Rica


Monteverde, Costa Rica. Photo: Shutterstock

Mid-June with mid–August is the middle of the merganser season, yet prices are fairly low, every little thing is lush and also green, and also weather patterns room predictable: You acquire beautiful sunny mornings because that adventure activities, and the strong showers in the afternoon give you time to rest while listening to the tropical rain the cools things off for the evening.

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Alaska Small-Ship Cruises


Guests spot calving ice while experimenting on Zodiac in southeast Alaska. Photo: Lindblad Expeditions/Michael S. Nolan

August is especially inviting because that a small-ship expedition cruise to Alaska, as daylight continues to be long, wildlife is plentiful, and also the glaciers room uniquely illuminated by the so late summer sun. Remain up late at this time of year and you may also be treated to the gorgeous eco-friendly glow the the northern Lights. While current rules forbid larger ships from sailing in U.S. Waters, ships transporting fewer 보다 250 passengers space not topic to the C.D.C.’s orders. Many small-ship cruise lines space requiring every adult passengers and crew to be completely vaccinated.

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Croatia, Greece, and also Turkey

This will certainly be the rarely summer once the iconic harbor of the east Mediterranean—Dubrovnik, Athens, Corfu, Istanbul, Kusadasi—won’t be overrun through cruise-ship day-trippers. If these nations will likely be a warm spot because that European beach-goers, the crowds will be much much more manageable without mega-ships call at these ports on a daily basis.

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The Galapagos Islands

Prior to Covid, top top a Galapagos cruise you’d frequently have come share a guide with 15 various other guests; because that the moment, that ratio is regularly much lower. All travelers and staff are tested before flying to the Galapagos. Part hotels top top the islands room welcoming travellers again, a few expedition-cruise ships room operating—or perhaps your family members group wants to have a little vessel all to yourself. Do keep in mind that the waters room choppiest in August, therefore the seasick-prone have to steer clear.

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The Seychelles


Chez Batista Villas, Seychelles. Photo courtesy that Torsten Dickmann – STB

August is just one of the sunniest months in the Seychelles. Rain can occur at any kind of time that the year, however storms are frequently short and also isolated. Be affected by each other in mind that seas have the right to be a tiny rougher from may to September.

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Kenya Safari: The great Migration


The great Migration top top the Mara River. Photo: James Friedman

The ideal time to watch the great Migration—one that the grandest wildlife spectacles on Earth, with an ext than 2 million wildebeest and zebra on the move and also predators lurking nearby—is July through September, and the finest place to be is in the Masai Mara nationwide Reserve. There are more than 15 different river crossings in the Masai Mara (bottlenecks along the migration path where the pets must stop hungry crocodiles and lions), with great names like Smelly Crossing, Rekero Crossing, football Crossing, Helicopter Crossing, and double Crossing. You must be patient, and in the right place at the best time the day. To rise your odds, consider staying at 2 camps in various locations. Check out this reviews that trips the travelers have taken to Kenya throughout the pandemic.

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Rwanda and also Uganda: Gorilla Trekking


The best time for gorilla tracking in Rwanda is June with September. Photo: James Friedman.

The finest time for tracking the gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda is June with September, as soon as it’s cool and there is much less precipitation (but remember, this is quiet the rain forest, and also storms have the right to hit any type of day).

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Jackson Hole and also the grand Tetons


Grand Teton national Park is complete of outdoor tasks in the summer, consisting of kayaking ~ above Jackson Lake. Photo: billie Cohen

July and August lug the finest weather the the summer, with warm days and also cool nights; wildflowers room blooming, hiking trails space usually totally free of snow, and rivers should be clear of spring runoff, making because that perfect fly-fishing conditions. All various other summer activities, such together biking, absent climbing, rafting, and also horseback riding, are conveniently available. (Skies might be hazy native area wildfires in August.)

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Yellowstone nationwide Park


Grand Prismatic Spring watch at Yellowstone national Park. Photo: Shutterstock

In august you’ll find warm days and also cool nights, wildflowers in bloom, and hiking trails mostly totally free of snow. Perform keep in mind the this is the busiest time in Yellowstone, v prices to match, and skies may be hazy from wildfires. Things space noticeably quieter throughout the critical week that the month, since families have actually headed home and retirees wait till after job Day.

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Newfoundland scenery. Picture credit: Newfoundland and also Labrador Tourism

Ever because Wendy walk there one August numerous years ago, she’s been urging other eastern Coasters come flee to Newfoundland in late summer, together an antidote to the crowds, heat, and also beach traffic that choking the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. You acquire a foreign island through dramatic sweeping landscapes, lighthouses and also fishing towns galore, roadways to yourself (well, girlfriend plus a couple of moose), a distinct local culture, and incredibly trusted people, all without having actually to schlep too far from home. (You can fly there via Toronto or Halifax from plenty of U.S. Hubs.) A need to on any Newfoundland itinerary is the Fogo Island Inn, a fascinating five-star philanthropic experiment the Wendy says has actually the many soul of any type of hotel she’s ever seen. Read why Wendy love it there.

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British Columbia


Heli-hiking in ~ Kinuseo falls in Monkman Provincial Park, brother Columbia. Photo: Hello BC

August days are usually clear and also sunny (ideal because that seaplane and also helicopter flights). It’s prime time because that kayaking, hiking, fishing, and also river rafting, no to cite bear- and whale-watching. Respectable is when Wendy chose to take her family members to Whistler (see We had the finest Family pilgrimage in Whistler and also We never Put top top Skis and also I Can’t think We walk This: hill Climbing in Whistler), and to the discovery Islands (see My extreme Week in Canada and also 6 Otherworldly Escapes that Feel much more Remote than They Are).

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Summer in Austria is all around beautiful weather, long days, and also festivals. Photo: Austria tourism Board

Sure, Austria is overfilled in August, but the job are relatively long, the weather is great, and also there are music festivals—especially opera—all over the country. You have the right to usually find an excellent hotel transaction in August, other than in Salzburg, which master its six-week timeless music festival (one that the greatest in Europe).

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Cambodia and also Angkor Wat


Sunset cocktails ~ above the moat of Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo: ABOUTAsia Travel

Late may through early September is Cambodia’s environment-friendly season. It rains two days out of three, yet the mornings are nearly always sunny and bright, with rain clouds gathering towards the so late afternoon; get out that bed early on to explore when Cambodians space most active ahead that the midday heat, and also you’ll enjoy far fewer crowds and vibrantly eco-friendly rice paddies. Plus, the money you save on shoulder-season hotel rates you can spend ~ above massages, world-class golf, and fine food.

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Great obstacle Reef Islands, Australia


Great obstacle Reef, Australia. Photo: Shutterstock

August brings clean blue skies, good visibility for divers and snorkelers, and also calm seas (the wind typically dies down at the end of July). It’s additionally a good time to see wildlife: dwarf minke whales visiting the north reefs, manta rays turn off Lady Elliott Island in the region’s southerly zone, and humpback whales—including Migaloo, the world’s only recognized all-white humpback—on their annual migration come Antarctica.

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New Zealand


Milford Sound, Fiordland nationwide Park, brand-new Zealand. Photo: Rob-Suisted/New new zealand Tourism

Summer skiing, anyone? august is the height month for skiing in new Zealand: You’ll gain the most reliable (very high quality) heli-skiing problems in August, and combining that v a dry island have the right to be fun.

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Other great Options This Month

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France: Paris apartment rentals when the city is quiet

French Polynesia: Tahiti

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Mexico City


Nepal: upper Mustang

Nicaragua: worth season


Papua brand-new Guinea: trekking



Switzerland: hiking in the Alps

Washington: Seattle



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