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Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam share Images/Shutterstock

Overall score: 76

Housing: 77

Healthcare: 84

Cost that living: 92

John Powell, once a purchasing certified dealer in brand-new York, relocated to Hanoi in 2014. That told international Living that he budgeted $2,700 a month and liked the city due to the fact that of its low cost of life comfortably and also its location. "It"s a great base for travel," that said.

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Brittany, France. Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock

Overall score: 76.4

Housing: 68

Healthcare: 85

Cost the living: 66

Carol and also Scott Lonsdale relocated to Brittany in 2016. Castle told international Living the they preferred the slower pace of life and also the accessibility to the European society France provides.

"In France there"s such a great amount of care taken with exactly how well things are managed, maintained, and appreciated," Carol said, adding, "And walk we cite the wine?"


Girona, Spain. Kavalenkava/Shutterstock

Overall score: 76.8

Housing: 72

Healthcare: 97

Cost of living: 81

Michele and also Stanton Cohen moved to Girona in 2017 from Yuma, Arizona. Castle told worldwide Living your favorite aspect of life overseas was affordable dining and also entertainment, saying the they not only can go the end for three-course meals under $30 yet "often go the end for breakfast and also meet friends because that coffee or drink at the very least twice a week."

The medical and dental care likewise helps. "The price are around one-third the US clinical costs," Michele said.


Penang, Malaysia. Alan Tan Photography/Shutterstock

Overall score: 81.9

Housing: 77

Healthcare: 93

Cost that living: 85

Keith and also Lisa Hockton retirement in Penang in 2010. In enhancement to the low price of living, they evaluate the temperate weather, noting that the median year-round temperature is 82 levels Fahrenheit and that it"s near to end 878 islands with "white-sand beaches."

Quito, Ecuador. Alessandro Pinto/Shutterstock

Overall score: 82

Housing: 84

Healthcare: 84

Cost that living: 90

Mary and also Wayne Bustle relocated to Quito, Ecuador"s capital, in early 2015. The climate — which Wayne told worldwide Living "hardly varies," with "no eye or too much heat no one humidity" — drew the couple to Ecuador after lock had taken into consideration 13 countries.

There are additionally attractive an elderly discounts, favor half-price airline tickets.

Medellín, Colombia. R.M. Nunes/Shutterstock

Overall score: 83.4

Housing: 80

Healthcare: 94

Cost that living: 88

Nancy Kiernan was initially attracted to Colombia since it is for this reason biodiverse. She made decision to pensioner in Medellín. She discovered she could obtain a renewable three-year Colombian retirement visa by giving proof of $750 in annual income from united state Social Security.

She additionally said that though Medellín is a larger city, with a population of almost 4 million, it had "the vibe of a smaller, friendly town, that provides you feel component of a community."

san Miguel de Allende, Mexico. bill Perry/Shutterstock

Overall score: 83.8

Housing: 91

Healthcare: 88

Cost of living: 86

Don Murray, that retired in Mexico in 2014, uncovered that the country had numerous expat enclaves, do it basic to assimilate.

"What I and also most other expats love most around Mexico is the vibrant life and also culture," Murray told international Living. "And it"s fairly easy to fit in."

Popular spots include villages close to the beaches that Cancún or the hills of mountain Miguel de Allende.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica. EQRoy/Shutterstock

Overall score: 85.3

Housing: 85

Healthcare: 96

Cost of living: 82

"Here, there"s much more time to actually stop and also smell the roses," Graham Swindell told worldwide Living. "Combine the with an excellent waves, an impressive climate, and a society that places family, friends, and also a calm quality that life above all, then it"s easy to view why so many people come below for a week and end up remaining for a decade or also a lifetime."

Kathleen Evans, another Costa Rica retiree, said: "Once you have obtained your residency, girlfriend pay in between 7% and 11% of your reported monthly income, and also the socialized medication program is obtainable to you."

Bocas del Toro, Panama. Getty images / Damocean

Overall score: 85.8

Housing: 88

Healthcare: 94

Cost that living: 89

Jessica Ramesch retired in Panama City and also lives over there alone because that "about $2,600 a month, consisting of rent, groceries, utilities, and entertainment," she said.

She also celebrated the quality and also price the healthcare, estimating that medical professional visits expense "a nominal fees of between $20 and $60."

Easy accessibility to the united state is likewise a selling point — that is around three hrs from Miami by plane.

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Cascais, Portugal. Evannostro/Shutterstock

Overall score: 86

Housing: 93

Healthcare: 98

Cost the living: 85

Portugal has several expat enclaves, including cities favor Porto and Lisbon or "beach havens" like Cascais or the Algarve.

In addition to having actually an affordable lifestyle with quality healthcare, a warm climate, and also "excellent food and also wine," Tricia Pimental, who has lived in Portugal for 7 years, claimed she and her husband moved there for a more "ephemeral" reason: "the overarching feeling of health we suffer here."

Pimental recently told international Living that coronavirus restrictions in the country are "in a state of flux; in some locations increased, in some areas relaxed."

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