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The 20 most Affordable locations to retiree in 2021

Many metro locations in the U.S. Are easily accessible for budget-minded retirees

CHICAGO, Feb. 1, 2021 / --––a leading actual estate platform for homebuyers 55 and also older––released this particular day its perform of the 20 most Affordable locations to retiree in 2021. Come compile the ranking, the company examined U.S. Cities with a populace of at the very least 50,000 and also determined a score based on a selection of data points, including cost of living, median home value, taxes, obtainable health care, transit and walkability scores, availability of 55+ communities, and also more. This produced an index of metropolitan areas that sell a mix of top quality living methods within an attainable price point.

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Many metro locations in the U.S. Are available for budget-minded retirees.

Though choosing a retirement location is a personal and subjective decision, affordability is height of mind for buyers. In fact, 43% of respondents who participated in 55places" 2020 National real estate Survey, stated they intend the value of their next home to be slightly much less or lot less contrasted to their present home.

"For the countless Americans who depart the U.S. Labor pressure each year, the photo of what an ideal retirement is deserve to differ," claimed George Kolar, regional sales manager because that "However, an inexpensive and also comfortable means of living space top factors that are considered prior to entering this phase of life. For adult looking come retire in 2021, the 20 urban areas detailed below provide prospective homeowners v low living costs and attractive amenities come foster a high top quality of life."

The 20 many Affordable locations to pensioner in 2021:

Boynton beach Area, Florida Median house Price: $187,100 Sarasota Area, FloridaMedian residence Price: $239,600 Salt Lake City Area, UtahMedian home Price: $237,500 Dallas-Fort precious Area, TexasMedian residence Price: $165,000 Tampa-St. Petersburg Area, FloridaMedian residence Price: $182,900 body Christi Area, TexasMedian house Price: $133,200 Baltimore Area, MarylandMedian home Price: $156,400 Pittsburgh Area, Pennsylvania Median house Price: $116,300 Delray beach Area, FloridaMedian house Price: $267,100 Ocala Area, FloridaMedian house Price: $128,600 Philadelphia Area, PennsylvaniaMedian house Price: $156,800 Wilmington Area, Delaware Median home Price: $169,400 Tucson Area, ArizonaMedian residence Price: $146,500 Houston Area, TexasMedian home Price: $161,300 san Antonio Area, TexasMedian home Price: $136,800 Harlingen Area, TexasMedian home Price: $83,500 Phoenix Area, Arizona Median home Price: $217,400 Florissant Area, MissouriMedian house Price: $96,400 Charlotte Area, phibìc CarolinaMedian house Price: $200,500 Yuma Area, ArizonaMedian residence Price: $134,100

More information around the offerings of each location and the methodology used to identify the order can be uncovered at

About is an altering the way people 55 and also older are trying to find their perfect following place. Through a nationwide network that hand-selected real estate experts, plus comprehensive information, unbiased content, and on-the-go insight about thousands the communities across the country, 55places is a trusted resource paving the method from here to home. Native low-maintenance single-level living, energetic lifestyle and also age-qualified communities, intimate enclaves, and also everything between, empowers travellers to make their next move the best one yet.

MethodologyThis 55places evaluation looked at all significant cities and metropolitan locations within the U.S. That have a total populace of end 50,000. Indigenous there, 14 different data points were weighted v the retire in mind, by concentrating on affordability and lifestyle to recognize the best locations to retire. The sources offered to accomplish this included:

Sperling"s ideal Places: price of Living, mean Temperature united state Census: Population, average Income, Median residence Value The taxation Foundation: Property, Sales, & revenue Tax Medicare: Average cost National Service: Volunteer opportunities WalkScore: walk Score, Transit Score 55+ community Information

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