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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Pittsburgh is taking measures to rehabilitate its commercial reputation through increasing amounts of environment-friendly spaces and state parks.

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Local expert Cheryl Werber additionally explains that much more and an ext companies are likewise migrating to the stole City, bringing amazing job methods to the area. Housing in Pittsburgh is also much more affordable 보다 other significant cities, in spite of rates slowly start to rise.

Population: 300,286

Average yearly salary: $48,580

Quality the life: 6.3

Value: 8.2


Kansas City, Missouri. f11photo/Shutterstock

Kansas City, Missouri,is a significant metropolis with much more than 2 million residents. Those life in the Midwestern city have access to a number of community-building activities that make the city a nice place to live.

According to local expert Tonya Goth Simmons, locals have the right to play cards through the river at a riverboat casino, take in a show at the Kansas City Symphony, learn a little bit about the country"s wealthy jazz background at theAmerican Jazz Museum, or reap some delicious barbecue.


Average yearly salary:$49,460

Quality the life:6.2



Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Christian Hinkle/Shutterstock

InLancaster, residents deserve to breeze through numerous environments in the course of a day, from rolling farmland to liven city roadways to quiet suburbs. Though dairy farming rules the economic climate here, significant companies, including Kellogg"s and Mars, also call the area home.

Lancaster might be renowned for that Amish and also Mennonite population, yet the city is additionally bustling through a mix of university students and also non-religious families.

Population: 59,265

Average yearly salary: $43,760

Quality of life:7.7

Value: 6.7


Hartford, Connecticut. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Located in the Connecticut river Valley, Hartford was as soon as the house to notable historic figures, consisting of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Among the city"s historic attractions, now it offers adjacent entertainment venues, ski slopes, state parks.

The aerospace, healthcare, and also financial services industries conquer the job market in Hartford, i beg your pardon is home to Aetna Inc., United technologies Corp., and Hartford Hospital.

Population: 122,105

Average annual salary: $60,040

Quality the life: 7.2

Value index: 6.4

Knoxville, Tennessee. iStock / Sean Pavone

For sporting activities enthusiasts and also outdoor enthusiasts alike, Knoxville, Tennessee, is a great place to call home. Close to the nearby an excellent Smoky mountains National Park and also Ijams Nature Center, gaining outdoors and enjoying nature is a breeze in this southerly city.

Population: 187,603

Average annual salary: $43,840

Quality the life:6.2

Value index: 7.4

Charleston, south Carolina. Shutterstock

Charleston"scharming, historic, and innovative ambiance is exemplary of southerly culture. "Not just is the area overflowing with entertainment and great food, but this low nation locale is additionally gorgeous," said a regional expert.

Tourism is boomingin Charleston, creating plenty the jobs, especially in the summer months. Year-round, work in tech, sales, marketing, and advertising store the city"s economic climate strong.

Population: 137,566

Average annual salary: $44,970

Quality the life: 6.5

Value index: 6.2

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Shutterstock/Jon Bilous

Located on the financial institutions of the Susquehanna River and the foothills that the Appalachian Trail,Harrisburgoffers inhabitants unlimited accessibility to the outdoors.

Many are employed through the state and also federal government in Harrisburg, but there"s alsoseveral huge private-sector companiesthat are optimal employers, including Hershey"s, Rite Aid, and also D&H Distributing.

Population: 49,271

Average yearly salary: $48,270

Quality that life:6.9

Value index:7.4

Manchester, new Hampshire. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Manchester, new Hampshire, might be smaller sized than most metropolitan locations on the east coast, but it provides up for it with its solid culture, youthful vibe, and political character.

New Hampshire"s biggest town skews young and also educated thanks to the various colleges that speak to it home.

Population: 112,673

Average annual salary: $52,640

Quality that life: 7.1

Value index: 6.4

Jacksonville, Florida. Shutterstock

Jacksonville"sbeach-adjacent location makes it best for out activities. In addition to security lazy job in the sand, inhabitants can likewise visit the area"s element golf process or go hiking, camping, and kayaking in the surrounding parks. Jacksonville likewise continues to grow, with burgeoning art and also music scenes, as well as brand-new business development, follow to a neighborhood expert.

Population: 911,507

Average yearly salary: $45,760

Quality that life:6.6

Value index:6.3

Lansing, Michigan. Henryk Sadura/Shutterstock

Many occupants of Lansing, Michigan, are employed by adjacent Michigan State University, one of the area"s several huge hospitals, insurance companies, and General Motors.

Lansing has actually served together a hub for Michigan"s government since the so late 19th century, and many citizens of the city additionally find themselves functioning in state federal government offices.

Population: 118,210

Average yearly salary: $47,990

Quality of life:7.1

Value index:7.4

ft Wayne, Indiana. Shutterstock/Travis Eckert

The Rust Belt hub of fort Wayne, Indiana, is being revitalized together of late. Manufacturers including basic Motors and also BAE solution have lugged jobs to the area, while its economic situation is see a spike native young civilization eager to relocate downtown native the suburbs.

"With that low expense of living and also quiet neighborhoods, ft Wayne, Indiana, is terrific place to buy a house, begin a career, beginning a business and also raise children," a local skilled said.

Population: 270,402

Average yearly salary: $43,590

Quality of life:6.2

Value index:8.7

Cincinnati, Ohio. Checubus/Shutterstock

Cincinnati is a city the loves that food, sports, and also culture. There"s miscellaneous for everyone in the Midwest"s Queen City, native a strong job sector to a busy occasion calendar filled through museums, baseball, and also local legacy events.

Residents appreciate the city"s affordability — housing there is cheaper than the national average, regardless of Cincinnati being one of the 30 best metro areas in the US.

Population: 303,940

Average yearly salary: $48,890

Quality of life: 6.5

Value: 7.9

Indianapolis, Indiana. photograph by Scott Dunn/Getty pictures

With a lively downtown area residence to shops, restaurants, and bars, Indianapolis offers the perfect balance in between big-city living and community values. The house of one of the world"s largest children"s museums, the metro area likewise holds solid regard because that sports, car racing, and an excellent local schools.

Indianapolis is also often referred to as the Racing funding of the World due to the fact that of the adjacent Indianapolis engine Speedway, which master the annual Indianapolis 500.

Population: 876,384

Average annual salary: $48,030

Quality the life:6.1

Value index:8.1

Pensacola, Florida. Andrew Zarivny/Shutterstock

This diverse area is residence to a 10-day fiesta, gorgeous beaches facing the Gulf the Mexico, and good areas because that fishing. Pensacola received high marks for desirability and also net migration, definition more and an ext people are interested in relocating to this beautiful part of the country.

Population: 52,975

Average yearly salary: $41,200

Quality that life:6.5

Value index:6.5

san Diego, California. Steve Heap/Shutterstock

With year-round sunshine and also beautiful beaches come boot, it"s straightforward to reap living inSan Diego. According to U.S. News, this southerly California gem "offers world-class dining, professional sports, and entertainment options" because that college students, young professionals, and also families alike.

Tourism is a substantial industry in san Diego — i beg your pardon sees an ext than 30 million visitors annually — yet the city"s seaside place is more than simply eye-candy. Some of the area"s biggest employers includethe united state Navy and the maritime Corps.

Population: 1,423,851

Average annual salary: $56,410

Quality of life:7.5

Value index:3.7

ft Myers, Florida. Gabriele Maltinti/Shutterstock

The charming roadways ofFort Myersattract world of every ages, also if the southwestern Florida city is much better known together a retirement destination. An ext than a 3rd of the swiftly growing populace is under 34 year old.

Residents take benefit of fort Myers" colorful downtown, and also the city"s convenient ar on Florida"s Gulf shore lends itself to water tasks like boating and also fishing. People in fort Myers tend to salary a tiny extra for actual estate and transportation, but they save thanks come Florida"s lack of state earnings taxes.

Population: 87,103

Average annual salary:$41,380

Quality the life:6.5

Value index:5.2

mountain Antonio, Texas. Shutterstock

At as soon as a destination city and a down-home community,San Antoniooffers increase a variety of cuisines, music styles, and art for visitors and locals. The city hosts "more than 50 major events and also festivals throughout the year," a number of which respect the area"s Spanish heritage, claimed a local expert. Mountain Antonio is house to 4 military and air force bases and camps,collectively recognized as joint Base mountain Antonio.

Population: 1,547,253

Average annual salary: $46,200

Quality that life: 6.5

Value index: 6.8

Reno, Nevada. Andrew Zarivny/Shutterstock

Reno, Nevada, is much much more than a tourist town. "America"s Biggest tiny City" may have actually been developed on the gambling industry, however today offers avenues in a variety of fields including an innovation and education.

The city supplies plenty that family-friendly out activities, and also people the all eras are drawn there for its strong economy and job opportunities.

Population: 255,601

Average annual salary: $46,330

Quality the life:7.4

Value index:6.4

Omaha, Nebraska. Esme/Shutterstock

Due to a combination ofOmaha"shistory of cattle ranching and its current landscape that bustling technology startups, the city has actually earned the nickname"Silicon Prairie."Plus, eight fortune 500 carriers are headquartered in Omaha, consisting of Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Railroad, and Mutual of Omaha.

Young professionals and familiesare attractive to the cityprimarily for its affordability, safety, and solid economy.

Population: 478,192

Average yearly salary: $47,660

Quality the life: 6.7

Value index: 7.8

Winston-Salem, north Carolina. Shutterstock

The cost of life inWinston-Salem is a bargain. The city"s mean housing costs remain well listed below the national typical — renters pay around $300 less per month for a one-bedroom apartment than their counterparts roughly the country.

Residents can additionally take benefit of the city"s cultural offerings through visits to the Southeastern center for contemporary Art and also the Reynolda home Museum that American Art.

Population: 247,945

Average yearly salary: $44,910

Quality the life:6.5

Value index:7.3

Houston, Texas. Shutterstock

Houstonis a significant player in the oil and gas, manufacturing, aerospace, and also healthcare industries — it"s also home to26 happiness 500 companies. Follow to one local expert, "a paycheck goes more in Houston 보다 it does in other significant cities, v affordable housing and cost-free or cheap attractions."

Plus, the city has actually an affinity for food, counting part 10,000 restaurants in ~ its boundaries.

Population: 2,320,268

Average yearly salary: $53,820

Quality that life: 6.5

Value index: 7.1

Lexington, Kentucky. Katie Warren/Business Insider

Lexington, Kentucky, is well-known as the horse resources of the world, and residents are specifically proud of their city"s call for equestrian. On height of world-famous equine parks and also racecourses, the area has much more than 1,000 horse farms, not to mention streets named after Triple Crown winners and a bevy of steed statues in parks around the city. But love the equestrian activities isn"t the only thing Lexington offers.

Younger inhabitants move there because that its college-town feel and also appreciation for local sports and music. And also the area is a haven for fans of the out — the nearby Red flow Gorge and Cumberland falls are scenic areas for inhabitants to discover their surroundings.

Population: 323,152

Average annual salary: $43,720

Quality the life:6.9

Value index:7.7

Albany, brand-new York. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Despite the snowy winters, living inAlbany come with number of advantages. Albany uses a cost of living reduced than the national average and the cost of housing sits well listed below the remainder of the us as a whole. In terms of jobs, the city"s state government and health treatment companies space Albany"s primary markets for inhabitants there.

Albany"s downtown is lined with art galleries, wine shops, and also churches for visitors to peruse. In keeping with the city"s cold climate, hockey is the sports of an option for residents.

Population: 96,460

Average annual salary: $52,770

Quality that life:7.2

Value index:7.1

Boston, Massachusetts. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Bostonattracts a diverse group of residents, consisting of everyone from recent college graduates to retirees and musicians to engineers. The historical city — frequently referred to together the "Cradle that Liberty," follow to one local skilled — additionally overflows through team soul for the Red Sox and 2017 Super bowl champions, the Patriots.

Population: 692,600

Average yearly salary: $65,420

Quality of life:7.0

Value index:5.7

Phoenix, Arizona. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Come for the weather, continue to be for the city:Phoenix boasts an ext sunny days every year than any other city in the US, follow to a local expert. Yet it"s the growing job market, range of shops and also restaurants, and also easy accessibility to many outdoor activities — think everything from hiking to paddleboarding — the keep citizens happy long-term.


Average yearly salary: $49,500

Quality the life: 6.4

Value index: 6.6

Melbourne, Florida. Jesse Kunerth/Shutterstock

Between fishing, boating, and a plethora the bars and restaurants, there"s never ever a shortage of things to carry out in theMelbournearea. The city"s ripe through retirees and "snowbirds" — human being who break-up their time between colder climates in the summer and Florida in the winter — who have the right to enjoy work on among the many adjacent golf courses and also nights out experimenting the local shops and art galleries.


Average annual salary: $48,240

Quality of life: 7.4

Value index: 6.1

Salt Lake City, Utah. Maciej Bledowski/Shutterstock

Salt Lake Citymight experience some of the snowiest weather in the country, but residents do the many of it through the multitude that ski resorts perched in the city"s backyard. In warmer weather, residents can take benefit of Salt Lake"s more than 900 acres of public parks and enjoy the end performances native the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in temple Square.

Population: 200,567

Average yearly salary: $47,272

Quality of life:6.9

Value index:7.4

Portland, Maine. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Located right on the water in ~ Casco Bay and also lined v cobblestone streets, Portland automatically evokes the quaintness that a lot smaller town. In between fishing, sailing, cross-country skiing, and also exploring the city"s buzzing nightlife, there"s no shortage of things to do. Seafood lovers deserve to nosh top top fresh captures at the city"s modern-day oyster bars and also or grab among Maine"s signature lobster rolls.

Population: 66,215

Average yearly salary: $48,970

Quality that life: 7.6

Value index: 6.4

Greenville, southern Carolina. Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

Once a sleepy little town,Greenville has witnessed a social revival in current years, complete with an flow of brand-new restaurants and businesses. Though the summers can gain hot, the city"s generally mild weather renders it possible to explore downtown top top foot any kind of time the the year.

An influx of manufacturing work has also boosted Greenville"s economy, v brand-name companies, such together GE and Michelin, setup up shop in town.

Population: 70,635

Average annual salary: $43,230

Quality that life: 6.8

Value index: 7.7

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Philip Lange/Shutterstock

A healthy and balanced balance that urban and rural,Dallas offers inhabitants "big-city excitement and also quiet, suburban living," shared one regional expert. There"s regional bars, retail shops, and plenty the sports spirit to meet the large population. The city — through largeemployersin business, finance, and education — is teeming v young professionals.

Population: 1,343,573

Average annual salary: $51,250

Quality of life: 6.7

Value index: 7.1

Charlotte, north Carolina. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

A "melting pot effect" color etc all types of world toCharlotte, a location with "equal parts old-fashioned southerly charm and also high-energy cosmopolitan bustle," turned one neighborhood expert. NASCAR and also motorsports space a social cornerstone of Charlotte.

The Queen City houses bank of America"s headquarters and significant offices for Wells Fargo, do itone the the largest financial hubsin the country.

Population: 885,708

Average annual salary: $50,150

Quality of life:6.5

Value index:7.5

Washington, DC. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The District"s areas each provide off their very own vibe, but across the city residents often "gather because that block parties, mingle at dog parks, and also converse at coffee shops," defined a regional expert. WhileWashington, DC, is known as a hub because that politics, there"s alsoa solid job marketfor education and health services.

Population: 705,749

Average annual salary: $69,210

Quality that life:6.6

Value index:6.3

Sarasota, Florida. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Sarasotaboasts "warm temperature year-round, award-winning beaches, and also a flourishing arts and social scene," stated a neighborhood expert. Thebiggest employers in Sarasotaare in education, trade, and also transportation, and also the leisure and hospitality ar touts a short unemployment rate powered by a recent rise in tourism and also a overwhelming of brand-new residents.

Population: 58,285

Average yearly salary: $42,680

Quality the life:7.4

Value index: 5.7

Boise, Idaho. Charles Knowles/Shutterstock

Idaho"scapital city is "a recreationalist"s paradise," according to one local expert, who also said Boise sit "squarely on the border of urban and rural, civilized and also wild, refined and raw." The an ar is house tomore than 25,000Boise State college students andprovides jobsat federal government agencies and in tech and also healthcare.

Population: 228,959

Average annual salary: $43,880

Quality that life: 7.2

Value index:7.1

Asheville, phibìc Carolina. MilesbeforeIsleep /

It"s no surprised why the hill town the Asheville, north Carolina, is beloved by tourists and residents alike. Nestled in between the Blue Ridge and also Appalachian mountains, Asheville is a magnet for outdoor lovers as well as fans of music, art, and craft beer.

Population: 92,870

Average annual salary: $41,210

Quality of life: 7.5

Value index: 6.4

Nashville, Tennessee. Scott Heaney/Shutterstock

Honky-tonk society and an entrepreneurial soul defineNashville.

"A blossoming job market and an exploding entertainment scene fueling an appetite (and thirst) for every things locally sourced and artisanal in craft," a local professional said. Thousands of residentswork in healthcareat the area"s huge hospitals and research centers, little startups, and also business accelerator programs.

Population: 670,820

Average yearly salary: $47,110

Quality that life: 6.1

Value index: 7.1

mountain Jose, California. stellamc / Shutterstock

The sprawling city ofSan Jose is "as much defined by that is suburban areas and huge tech campuses as it is by the high-rises in its organization district," stated a neighborhood expert. Young residents and recent graduates of adjacent Stanford and also UC Berkeley have actually no trouble finding work in the area, which touts Facebook, Google, and also Apple as its biggest private-sector employers.

Population: 1,021,795

Average yearly salary: $77,180

Quality that life:7.6

Value index: 5.4

cool Rapids, Michigan. Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

Grand Rapidsattracts "college students and young families with its healthy job market, affordable housing, and outdoor recreational activities," said a regional expert. The self-proclaimed "Beer City USA" hasmore 보다 80 breweriesas well together dynamic publicly art and also music scenes.

Once a hub because that furniture production, cool Rapids" job market is nowdominatedby education and healthcare, through many methods for employees without a college degree.

Population: 201,013

Average annual salary: $44,770

Quality of life: 7.6

Value index: 8.1

Madison, Wisconsin. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Wisconsin"s funding is a "hotbed the the healthcare, information technology, and also manufacturing industries," claimed a regional expert. The area is likewise home to the university of Wisconsin at Madison, offering hundreds of work in education.

Madisonhas a distinct food society that"s a mix of good dining and farmer"s industries catering come the city"s college students, young professionals, and also families.

Population: 259,680

Average yearly salary: $52,190

Quality the life:7.5

Value index:6.9

Huntsville, Alabama. Shutterstock

The once-sleepy town of Huntsville, Alabama, got fame in the 1960s once it ended up being a hub for NASA. Currently Huntsville is undergoing one more renaissance, with technology companies, handmade breweries, and artists every flocking come the town in current years.

Huntsville is the fastest-growing city in Alabama, and residents are enjoying an emerging downtown shopping and also dining scene even as the city maintains a low price of living. If you have the right to handle the heat and humidity, you could find yourself at house there.

Population: 200,574

Average yearly salary: $53,600

Quality the life:6.6

Value index:8.8

Raleigh, phibìc Carolina. Sharkshock/Shutterstock

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are collectively known together the Triangle, an area anchored by its structure in research and tech. The Triangle employsnearly 40,000 occupants at companies prefer IBM, SAS academy Inc., and also Cisco Systems as well as surrounding colleges Duke, phibìc Carolina State, and also the university of phibìc Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A strong job industry coupled with a burgeoning microbrewery and also dining step draws brand-new residents every day, stated a local expert.

Population: 474,069

Average annual salary: $53,788

Quality of life: 6.9

Value index: 7.7

Seattle, Washington. Asif Islam/Shutterstock

Seattleis sandwiched in between water and mountains and also doesn"t get as lot rain together you"d think, stated one neighborhood expert. The city"s residents are attracted to the area for its atmosphere of "calm and patience" and its close proximity come nature.

Jobs in Seattleare focused in tech, healthcare, and also maritime industries, but the city is additionally a huge manufacturing center for companies favor Boeing.

Population: 753,675

Average annual salary: $63,120

Quality the life: 6.6

Value index: 5.9

Portland, Oregon. Nadia Yong/Shutterstock

Portlandisn"t for everybody — that slogan is "Keep Portland Weird," ~ all. Yet one local expert asserts that it"s a "well-rounded city with more than just the offbeat shops and also events" and a populace that has "more scholastic degrees 보다 the national average."

Major employer Intel Corporation calls Portland home, and also the headquarters because that Nike, located about seven miles outside of Portland.

Population: 654,741

Average yearly salary: $55,330

Quality that life:6.7

Value index:6.0

san Francisco, California. travel Stock/Shutterstock

A local skilled describedSan Franciscoas "the heart of the bohemian lifestyle, the epicenter the the LGBT civil liberties movement, and the launching suggest of the technology era." In the critical decade, thousands of technology companies have raced to set up shop in the only Area, sending out the cost of living v the roof.

But despite all the focus on the tech and also startup scene, the city also has many of organization jobs easily accessible withmore 보다 30 global financeheadquarters.

Population: 881,549

Average annual salary: $69,700

Quality of life: 6.8

Value index: 4.9

St. Paul, Minnesota. Sam Wagner/Shutterstock

The pair Citieshave "big-city amenities choose museums and sports stadiums, but also have an approachable, Midwestern feel," follow to a regional expert. Occupants are accustomed to the area"s transforming seasons, participating in ice fishing and also cross-country skiing in the winter and music festivals and baseball gamings in the spring and also summer.

Jobs areavailablein science-focused fields at companies choose Xcel Energy and also Medtronic and also retail companies like finest Buy and also Target.

Population: 3,629,190

Average yearly salary: $56,030

Quality the life:7.1

Value index:7.7

Des Moines, Iowa. f11photo/Shutterstock

Des Moines is drawing millennials and young family members alike because that its "one-of-a-kind shops, locally-owned restaurants, and hip bars" and its historical residences in quiet neighborhoods, claimed a neighborhood expert. Home to much more than 80 insurance companies including giants ally Insurance and also Wellmark Blue cross Blue Shield,the job market is thriving.

Population: 214,237

Average annual salary: $50,600

Quality the life: 7.0

Value index: 8.4

Fayetteville, Arkansas. shuttersv/Shutterstock

Fayettevillesits amongst the Ozark Mountains and is home to the college of Arkansas" flagship campus. The surrounding area of northwest Arkansas is residence toheadquarters for 7 Fortune 500 companiesincluding Walmart and Tyson Foods.

The city has experienced enormous growth, according to a neighborhood expert, who said the an ar has developed "from a little town to a center of greater education, culture, commerce, and also entrepreneurialism."

Population: 87,590

Average yearly salary: $45,830

Quality that life:7.5

Value index:8.2

Colorado Springs, Colorado. john Coletti/Getty pictures

Colorado Springs is "booming, with new residences popping increase alongside high quality schools, parks, and social attractions," touts a local expert. The city is just an hour"s drive from Denver and in near proximity to Aspen and Vail"s world-class ski resorts. Armed forces jobs influence Colorado Springs" society and economy, butjobs are additionally availablein clinical innovation and tech.

Population: 478,221

Average yearly salary: $50,050

Quality the life: 7.0

Value index: 6.6

Denver, Colorado. littlenySTOCK/Shutterstock

WhileDenversits in ~ the base of the Rocky Mountains, it"s not taken into consideration a hill town due to the fact that it takes at least an hour to get to the Rockies because that snowboarding and also ski activities, a local professional explained.

At 5,279 feet, the Mile High City resides up to its surname in more ways 보다 one: In 2012, Colorado legalized entertain marijuana, paving the way for a prospering andlucrative cannabis industry.

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Population: 478,221

Average annual salary: $57,400

Quality of life: 7.0

Value index: 6.7

Austin, Texas, was named the best place to live in 2019. Magalie L"AbbT/Getty pictures

The funding of Texas gains around 150 brand-new residents daily, countless seeking out the city"s "music, outdoor spaces, and social institutions," stated a local expert.

Austinis beloved for its live music scene and is organize to few of the country"s best music and society festivals, including South by Southwest and also Austin City Limits. The city was nicknamed"Silicon Hills"in the 1990s for its condition as "among the top areas for venture resources investment in the country."

Population: 978,908

Average annual salary: $51,840

Quality of life:7.3

Value index:6.7

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