A ranking native the survey company Niche.com argues that American"s top options aren"t necessarily the best-known.

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For the production of this ranking, Niche researchers factored in good public schools, affordable prices of living, low crime rates and also the in its entirety satisfaction of your residents, culling data from the U.S. Room of Education, the Census Bureau, the FBI and also public-sentiment polling.

Niche also considered neighborhood commutes (length and access to publicly transport); diversity (of age, gender and also ethnicity); health and fitness that its inhabitants (based on prices of smoking, alcohol abuse, and also obesity also as accessibility to healthcare and also fitness centers); tasks (including employed staff rates, career and business growth) and also housing costs (based on residence values, residential or commercial property taxes and ownership rates).

For the function of this ranking, we"re only looking at major cities — places with populations above 100,000.

50. Salt Lake City, Utah

Getty images

Utah"s funding city ranks very for its family-friendly atmosphere, many thanks in component to that is well-liked windy schools. Salt Lake City likewise offers a buzzing nightlife, including numerous restaurants and bars.

The area is likewise home to the NBA"s Utah Jazz and also a "Real Housewives" franchise.

49. Columbia, southern Carolina

Henryk Sadura

The mix the urban and also suburban life is what attracts people to Columbia. The community is house to quaint neighborhoods and popular attractions such together the Riverbanks Zoo and also the south Carolina State Museum.

The city"s nightlife additionally get optimal marks, likely because of the college of south Carolina"s diverse student body, which spends evenings at the city"s bars and also restaurants.

48. Ft Collins, Colorado

Tom Bol

The family-friendly Colorado city gets peak marks because that its expense of living, including real estate prices.

The like the mountain area ranks extremely for outdoor activities. Citizens enjoy fort Collins" countless hiking and also biking trails, as well as canoeing.

47. Charleston, south Carolina

DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty pictures

With that balmy weather and also proximity come the beach, the seaside city ranks very for the residents" health and also fitness and for the city"s plethora of outdoor activities.

The area is likewise home come some an excellent eats. Charleston attracts chefs and foodies eager for a taste of the region"s classic "Low Country" cuisine.

46. Tempe, Arizona

Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty images

The desert city has tons of school pride, and much of the city"s nightlife is centered about it.

Arizona State students and its grads regular Tempe"s bars, restaurants, theaters and also sports games.

45. Pasadena, California

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The southerly California city gets a high score for its commute to and from its neighboring areas, including Los Angeles.

The varied area is home to some extremely ranked windy schools. Its clear weather and accessibility to parks and outdoor tasks makes Pasadena one of the healthiest cities in the country.

44. St. Paul, Minnesota

Getty photos

Don"t be deterred by the weather. St. Paul has a lot to market besides freeze temps.

The city"s rental prices and high employment price attract countless young professionals to the area.

St. Paul"s diverse populace has produced a burgeoning arts and culture scene. The city also boasts some stunning architecture, as seen right here inside the Minnesota State Capitol.

43. St. Petersburg, Florida

Getty images

Thiscity is a quick 15-minute commute indigenous Tampa, however feels like its own tropical paradise.

St. Petersburg gets peak marks because that its outdoor tasks and weather. The clear city is house to sandy beaches and also plenty that ocean activities such as boating, fishing and also surfing.

42. Atlanta, Georgia

Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston world via Getty photos

Atlanta ranks highly for that is diversity. The area"s bustling job market attracts civilization in the tech, food and entertainment industries.

The funding city is known as the Hollywood that the South. Plenty of TV shows and movies have actually been filmed there, consisting of "The go Dead," "Avengers: Infinity War," a "Real Housewives" franchise and also a couple of Netflix originals.

41. Irving, Texas

Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty pictures

This Texas city gets top marks because that its outdoor tasks and the health and also fitness of its residents.

The area provides a huge number that public and private eco-friendly spaces. Gardening and also golfing are popular activities amongresidents.

40. Tampa, Florida

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Tampa is family-friendly and also offers great public schools, affordable housing and also entertainment destinations such as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the Florida Aquarium and also Tropicana Field.

Tampa also offers a bustling night life, thanks to its large array the bars and also restaurants.

39. Boston, Massachusetts

/ Getty pictures

This historic city is residence to such schools as Boston University, Emerson College and also the Berklee college of Music. Because of its high number of job-seeking students and recent grads, Boston is additionally one that the ideal cities for young specialists in America.

Beantown is house to numerous restaurants, bars, shops and also historic monuments.

38. Gainesville, Florida

will Lester/Icon Sportswire via Getty photos

The mix the urban and suburban life in Gainesville is a hit v families and young professionals. The Florida city has good public schools, one affordable price of living and also a lot to do once it pertains to night life and also outdoor activities.

The city is also home to the Gatornationals, an annual National hot Rod Association traction racing event.

37. Lexington, Kentucky

Getty photos

This is another highly rated place for family members thanks to its good public schools, short rents and high employment rate.

The city is home toKentucky steed Park. The park is not just an international equestrian vain venue; the is also an educational template park the attracts visitors to Lexington every year.

36. Washington, D.C.

Andrea Antonetti / EyeEm

The U.S. Resources is among the ideal places for young professionals due to its employed staff rates, job and also business growth, nightlife and also cost of living.

The political hotbed that America is likewise home to many historic museums and monuments, and has outdoor activities such as farmers markets and music festivals.

35. Carlsbad, California

James David Phenicie / Getty images

Thanks to its year-round warm weather and close proximity to the ocean, this coastal city ranks very for that outdoor tasks and the health and also fitness that its residents.

Family-friendly Carlsbad is additionally the house of Legoland California.

34. Charlotte, north Carolina

Walter Bibikow / Getty photos

Good windy schools, affordable rent prices and a high employed staff rate lure residents to this north Carolina city.

Charlotte is likewise one that the most varied cities in America.

33. Lincoln, Nebraska

Steven Branscombe / Getty images

Lincoln is just one of the best places come live in 2021.

The funding city v a small-town feel ranks very for that outdoor activities and nightlife. That includes attending a Nebraska Cornhuskers game at Memorial Stadium, or taking advantage of the numerous restaurants and bars in the area.

32. Omaha, Nebraska

Shannon Ramos / EyeEm

Nebraska"s best city is among the ideal cities come buy a residence in America. It additionally ranks extremely for its access to an excellent public schools, for its high employed rate and its accessibility to outdoor activities and attractions.

Omaha is also ranked as the No. 1 ar to live in the Cornhusker State.

31. Huntsville, Alabama

LOREN ELLIOTT/AFP via Getty pictures

This city gets top marks because that being family-friendly many thanks to its good public schools, riches of outdoor tasks and affordable living costs.

A major Huntsville attraction is the U.S. An are & Rocket Center, whereby visitors can see replicas that rockets and learn about outer space.

30. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Justin K. Aller / Getty pictures

The west Pennsylvania city ranks extremely as a place for young specialists to plant roots. The diverse city has actually affordable rents, a buzzing nightlife and also many outdoor activities centered approximately the city"s miscellaneous sports teams.

Pittsburghers can frequently be uncovered enjoying Pirates games at PNC Park or watching the Steelers do tackles in ~ Heinz Field.

29. Ring Rock, Texas

Kelly Colson / EyeEm

Round Rock"s weather, public schools and high employed staff rate and job and business expansion make it among the finest places come live in America.

The densely suburban city v quaint regional businesses is around 20 mile north that Austin.

28. Rochester, Minnesota

Kimberly Sue pedestrian / Getty photos

The family-friendly city has actually highly rated public schools and parks, and a high employed staff rate. The local Mayo Clinic provides plenty of job avenues for human being in the area.

Rochester is among thebest cities to to buy a home in the country.

27. Scottsdale, Arizona

Getty images

The well-off desert city is the ideal place come retire in the country. Practically 25% of Scottsdale citizens are age 65 or older.

The area offers loads of shopping, restaurants, long walking trails and also mild winter temperatures.

26. Austin, Texas

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The varied city attractive young family members looking for great public schools, job and business growth, and also plentiful outdoor activities. Austin is residence to plenty of restaurants, bars and large green spaces such as Zilker Park, a popular spot because that picnicking and also swimming.

Austin is also a social hub. The city is residence to a variety of music and film festivals, including Austin City Limits and South by Southwest.

25. Columbia, Missouri

Larry Braun / Getty pictures

The university town has actually a lot to market young professionals and also families. House to the university of Missouri, that gets height marks because that its expense of living, real estate prices and also job sector centered roughly academics and also healthcare.

Columbia likewise gets high marks for its nightlife.

24. College Station, Texas

Robert H. Levey / Getty photos

College station is home to Texas A&M University and some ofthe ideal public high schoolsin the country.

The diverse city ranks extremely for its outdoor tasks and the health and fitness that its residents. Lick Creek Park is a well-known spot for walking and also biking.

23. Santa Clara, California

mountain Francisco Chronicle/Hearst N

The family-friendly Silicon valley communityboasts year-round good weather, a plethora of out activities, loads of publicly parks and good public schools.

Due to its location, plenty of residents have careers in the technology industry.

22. Alexandria, Virginia

elegant Cary / Getty images

Alexandria, a top spot for young professionals, ranks extremely for its straightforward commute. The city is only around 20 minutes far from the hubs that Washington D.C. And Arlington, Virginia.

The area is well-known for the preserved historic buildings linings the roads of Alexandria"s Old Town.

21. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elizabeth Stevens / EyeEm

Minneapolis is a height spot for young professionals and families, thanks to its cost of living, high employment rate, an excellent public schools and also plentiful outdoor activities.

The city is residence to countless lakes, parks and also the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which attributes eye-catching art pieces consisting of the Spoonbridge and Cherry (pictured).

20. Torrance, California

Getty pictures

Torrance is among the healthiest cities in America. The city is a quick drive native beach, and the area is residence to numerous public parks and outdoor activities.

Torrance is also commuter-friendly. It"s close to the affluent locations of Redondo Beach and also Hermosa Beach, and around 30 minutes far from downtown Los Angeles.

19. Sandy Springs, Georgia

Tymon room / EyeEm

This Atlanta suburb has actually no shortage the outdoor tasks and public green spaces.

Sandy Springs, which is highly rated forresidents" health and also fitness, offers access to parks such as the Chattahoochee River nationwide Recreation Area. The ar is a well-known spot because that hiking, fishing, river rafting and also outdoor sports.

18. Boulder, Colorado

Dustin Bradford / Getty images

Boulder ranks extremely for its outdoor tasks and the health and fitness that its residents. The Rocky Mountains location makes the a good spot for hiking and also mountain climbing.

It is additionally the house of the university of Colorado, Boulder. The city gets optimal marks because that its nightlife, some of which revolves around students and also college sports teams, such as the Colorado Buffaloes.

17. Raleigh, phibìc Carolina

rick Nelson / EyeEm

The City of Oaks is terrific spot for families thanks come its very rated public schools, employment rate and affordable expense of living.

Raleigh is home to art and also science museums, countless outdoor activities and a bustling nightlife.

16. Sunnyvale, California

Getty pictures

Sunnyvale gets top marks for its outdoor tasks and because that the health and also fitness that its residents. Its north California location is coveted for its mild to warmth temperatures.

The Silicon valley city neighbors an additional best place to live, Santa Clara.

15. Mountain Francisco, California

Alexandr Spatari / Getty pictures

The gold City ranks together theNo. 2 finest city for young professionals in the country.

With its numerous hills, large recreational green spaces and high level that walkability, it"s alsothe 3rd healthiest ar to live.

14. Madison, Wisconsin

Getty pictures

The bustling Wisconsin funding city is a great spot because that families and young professionals.

Its urban-suburban mix includes good public schools, affordable housing, lot of of outdoor tasks and a nightlife greatly centered roughly the students and also grads of college of Wisconsin-Madison.

13. Seattle, Washington

Matteo Colombo / Getty pictures

The Emerald City ranking asthe No.1 finest city for outdoor activities in the country.

Seattle is a good place because that not just sightseers (think the room Needle and also Pike place Market) but additionally nature-lovers who desire to go hiking, biking and kayaking without having to travel too far away.

12. Richardson, Texas

Tian Dan/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/ via Getty pictures

The varied city is family-friendly and has great schools and many community-based out activities.

One such event is the city"s yearly dog festival. Richardson citizens dress your dogs in costumes to compete and celebrate.

11. Irvine, California

Paul Bersebach/Orange County register via Getty pictures

The family-oriented city is very rated because that its year-round warm weather and access to outdoor tasks including beaches, parks and community events.

Irvine likewise has several of the finest public schoolsin the country.

10. Bellevue, Washington


Bellevue ranking as one of the best suburbs in Washington state.

The city gets top marks for being commute-friendly. Bellevue is only about 20 minutes away from famous destinations such as Seattle, regional wine country and hiking-friendly Cougar Mountain.

According to residents, the city encourages the use of public transportation. Part Bellevue publicly high schools have listed students with countless bus cards.

9. Berkeley, California

Getty images

The north California city is a top spot, many thanks to its an excellent public schools, wide range of outdoor tasks and because that its easy commute across the eastern Bay from san Francisco.

Berkeley also attracts student from everywhere the people to the university of California, Berkeley. The diverse student human body plays a significant role in Berkeley"s very rated nightlife, which consists of school sporting events, college bars, live music and performances.

8. Columbia, Maryland

Kyle Gustafson /For The Washington article via Getty pictures

Columbia, Marylandis a optimal spot for young professionals and families thanks to its very rated publicly schools, employed staff rate, job and also business growth, and also cost that living.

The city likewise ranks very for that outdoor tasks and nightlife. One such group that includes both: Columbia"s many summer music festivals.

7. Plano, Texas

Getty Images/iStockphoto

This Texas city is one of the height spots to buy a homein America. More than half of Plano citizens own your homes.

Plano offers numerous outdoor activities, including public parks and walking trails transparent the city. The area ranks extremely for the health and also fitness the its residents.

6. Ann Arbor, Michigan

invoice White / Getty pictures

Ann Arbor ranking as among the finest cities to raise a household in America.

The city also has several of thebest publicly schoolsin the country, plus affordable home prices and also a high employed staff rate.

5. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Craig F. Walker/The Boston world via Getty pictures

Cambridge is theNo. 1 best city because that young specialists in America, many thanks to its variety of millennial residents, job opportunities, access to bars, restaurants and also affordable housing.

Adjacent come Boston, thiscity is also home to some of the most elite schools in the country, including Harvard and the Massachusetts institute of Technology.

4. Overland Park, Kansas

Kansas, Overland Park, Museum in ~ Prairiefire. (Photo by: young name P. Friel/Universal Images group via Getty Images)/Kansas, Overland Park, Museum at Prairiefire. (Photo by: bernard P. Friel/Universal Images team via Getty Images)

Overland Park is rated as the ideal city to buy a home in America, based upon home values, residential or commercial property taxes, residence ownership rates, real estate costs, and real estate trends.

The Kansas City suburb also gets top marks because that its great public schools, employment rate, and outdoor tasks including soaking up the sights at the Museum in ~ Prairiefire (pictured).

3. Naperville, Illinois

Chicago Tribune

The rich Chicago suburb ranks asthe best city come raise a family members in America.

Naperville has actually the best public schools, a low crime rate and also an affordable expense of living. The city has numerous outdoor activities, consisting of a downtown riverwalk and also an outdoor history museum called Naper Settlement.

2. Arlington, Virginia

ARLINGTON, VA - APRIL 23: The bright and airy dining room at Ruthies every Day photographed for Washington article Magazine in Arlington, VA ~ above April 23, 2021. (Photo by Laura follow de Formigny because that The Washington post via Getty Images)/ARLINGTON, VA - APRIL 23

Arlington is highly rated because that its an excellent public schools, nightlife and for being commute-friendly, thanks to its accessible public transportation. From Arlington, over there are four Metro lines that go to and also from Washington, D.C.

The Virginia city is additionally the home of the Pentagon, Arlington national Cemetery, and also the United claims Air force Memorial.

1. The Woodlands, Texas

Getty Images/iStockphoto

This Houston-area city has an excellent public schools, a short crime rate, an affordable cost of living and family-friendly amenities, including countless outdoor activities.

The Woodlands market scenic nature preserves, a waterway trolley, a huge mall with lots of stores, and many restaurants.

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