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Being a single parent is a challenge. Not just must solitary parents regulate debt and other financial priorities, they must balance work and also time spent with your children. Unfortunately, single-parent families are much more likely to it is in impoverished, and not all says offer the exact same workplace benefits for parents. That could make raising children harder.

To identify where single parents might fare best, us scored the 100 largest metros top top four an essential indicators:

Income score, consisting of median income; the percentage of families living below the poor line; and also the portion difference in between median single-parent households and also all households.Affordability score, i m sorry considers local price parity; income boundaries for in-state child treatment assistance; the percent difference between single-parent family members median income; and income borders for child treatment assistance.Time score, which contains the typical commute and also the average number of hours functioned per week.Workplace protection score, i m sorry considers statewide paid family members leave insurance and protected time off for school events.

Here’s what we found.

Key findings

Single parents in Springfield, Mass. Came very first in our rankings, through a score that 65.2. The city had an especially high time score and also workplace defense score.Sacramento, Calif. And also Buffalo, N.Y. Complied with Springfield, with last scores of 62.2 and 61.5, respectively.In McAllen, Texas, a whooping 60.8% of single parents live listed below the federal poverty line. Honolulu had the lowest incidence of single parents living listed below the poor line, at 24.9%.Houston, Texas had the shortest score among the 100 metros us studied. Its final score was 26.7. Notably, the difference in between the median revenue of solitary parents and also all households was -51.4%.Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala., which to be No. 99 and also No. 98 in our rankings, didn’t fare lot better, with last scores of 27.7 and also 28.1, respectively.So-called “blue states” had tendency to overcome the peak of the list, thanks mainly to solid workplace protection laws for parents and also generous childcare subsidies.On average and throughout all metros, 39.2% solitary parents are living listed below the federal poverty line.

Children no cheap, and raising castle is hard. This map highlights places where gift a solitary parent might be much easier or more affordable. Float your cursor over the dots on the map to review just how each subway fared across our crucial indicators and overall.

10 finest places come live together a solitary parent

10 worst places to live together a single parent

Managing her finances as a solitary parent

Based turn off our findings and also further research, there space a few ways solitary parents can far better manage their finance ~ above one income and with children.

Consider her debt relief options: If you’ve found yourself in debt and are struggling in repayment, you could review your debt relief options. Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy, blame settlement and debt management plans might be easily accessible to you. Learning exactly how these options influence your credit transaction score is something girlfriend should likewise research.

Review your an individual loans options: Those through credit map debt or high-interest loans may want to take into consideration refinancing or consolidating your debt right into a personal loan v a lower interest rate. Law so might reduce your in its entirety costs because that repayment. Girlfriend could also extend your repayment ax to mitigate monthly payments, despite this can increase just how much complete interest you salary on her loan.

Learn around government sources for parents: solitary parents who space struggling financially may qualify for assistance through government or charity programs, such together food banks. A 2017 study uncovered that no all solitary parents were aware of the aid that is listed at food banks or were not specific they to be entitled come support.

Know your rights: payment time off for noble children and also protections against reprisal for going to parent-teacher conferences deserve to make a large difference, although these policies might not be well enforced. Learn your rights regarding the Family and Medical leave Act and any defended time turn off for school events you might be standard for. Discovering what your legal rights are will assist you safeguard yourself against employer repercussion.


Limiting our research to the present 100 biggest metropolitan statistical locations (“MSAs”), us tracked each metro throughout four categories. The data was acquired from the 2017 American ar Survey 5-Year estimate from the U.S. Census (“2017 ACS”), other than where otherwise noted.

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IncomeMedian income of single-parent families (2017 ACS)The percentage difference between median single-parent households and also all family members (2017 ACS)The percent of single-family households that fall beneath the federal poverty heat (2017 ACS)AffordabilityThe percentage difference between the single-parent household median income and the child treatment assistance earnings limit (NWLC 2018, 2017 ACS)TimeAverage commute time in minute (2017 ACS)Average hours operated per main (2017 ACS)Workplace security score

Each data series was scored relative to highest and lowest values across all metros. Because that each category, this scores were average for a highest possible category score that 100 and also a shortest of 0. The four group scores to be then average for a final score. The highest possible final score was 100 and the lowest to be 0.