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Cappadocia, Turkey, is famous for its distinctive rock formations and incredible warm air ballooning opportunities.

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The Anderson Abruzzo global Balloon Museum in Albuquerque details the area’s background of ballooning.

Albuquerque, new Mexico

Every October, this little city in new Mexico hosts the best hot wait balloon festival and race in the world: the Albuquerque global Balloon Fiesta. Over the course of nine days, the yearly event features speed competitions and mass ascents of much more than 500 balloons. Transparent the year, however, lot of of tourism operators together as World Balloon help travelers experience the area from the sky, as with Fiesta pros do.


Göreme, Turkey

If anything might make a sunrise balloon float even much more magical, it needs to be the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. The wild absent formations and also caves found in Göreme, a tiny town in the Turkish region, have make this spot one of the world’s many iconic destinations because that ballooning. Many thanks to operator such as hot Air Balloon Cappadocia, Voyager Balloons, and Butterfly Balloons, morning skies are filled with numerous whimsical balloons daily.


Serengeti national Park is renowned because that its abundance of wildlife and also is taken into consideration Tanzania’s oldest nationwide park.

Serengeti, Tanzania

Sure, you’d head to Tanzania’s Serengeti national Park for a classic sznjke.comi, yet what if you want to acquire off the win Jeep track? Serengeti Balloon Sznjke.comis bring away the experience to new heights by allowing ballooners to get deeper into the park and away from the continuous roads to clock lions, hippos, and also a slew of other wild pets interact in the many undisturbed means possible.


Bagan was the resources of the Kingdom of Pagan (the kingdom that an initial unified Myanmar) from the nine to the 13th centuries.

Bagan, Myanmar

If friend thought exploring the jungles and also temples of Myanmar’s Bagan historical Zone was incredible, wait till you view the ancient facility from the sky. Climb up v the mists v Balloons end Bagan, which offers continuous flights above the temples as well as ballooning tours of Inle Lake.

North Pole

Yes, it is actually possible to go for a hot air balloon ride at the north Pole. Quark Expeditions offers an Arctic expedition to the north Pole that—in addition to Zodiac cruising and Arctic wildlife viewing—includes a tethered warm air balloon ride at 90° north (weather permitting, that course).

North of san Francisco, the Napa valley wine region is well-known for its thousands of hillside vineyards.

Napa Valley, California

What’s much better than a tasting tourism of northern California’s wine country? Gliding over those rojo hills and vineyards in a hot air balloon, that course! operators such together Napa sink Balloons, Inc. And Calistoga Balloons make a balloon ride over the Napa sink an extra one-of-a-kind treat with the welcome addition of regional sparkling wine.

A well-known destination in the hot air ballooning community, Switzerland’s Château d’Oex was the launch site for the first world balloon tourism in 1999. This days, the snow-dusted area welcomes range of vivid balloons throughout the International warm Air Balloon Festival each January. If friend can’t do the winter balloon festival, you can experience the magic on one alpine ride over the Swiss Alps with Ballon Château-d’Oex.

Luxor, Egypt

When friend drift end the old temples and tombs of famous ancient Egyptians, it’s easy to feel prefer you’re shed in time. Tourism operators prefer Sindbad Balloons will certainly take friend around—and above—Luxor in the early morning hours to record views that the endlessly stretching desert and green banks of the Nile, all prior to the crowds pour in.

During the “Red, White & Blue Balloon Rally” every May, onlookers watch as balloons float above Letchworth State Park.

Letchworth, new York

Hot wait balloons, rivers, and also ravines, anyone? publication a ride with Balloons end Letchworth and you can glide end lush forests, dip down into gaping gorges, and also hover alongside impressive waterfall in “the grand Canyon that the East”—otherwise known as brand-new York’s Letchworth State Park. 

Stockholm, Sweden

One that the countless cool things about Stockholm is that warm air balloons can land ideal in town instead of 30-45 minutes external of the city. Authorized a tour with much & Flyg, Sweden’s earliest ballooning company, is a unique and easy way to check out Stockholm and also to see its historic and modern mix in a new light.

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

In Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, not only will your balloon climb with the firey desert sun, yet its freewheeling path likewise will lug you deep into the middle of the desert—far deeper than you could reach by car. Numerous tour operators sell balloon rides right into the sweeping southwestern desert, amongst them Rainbow Ryders, Inc. and Hot wait Expeditions.

Wadi Rum has actually been a filming place for a variety of movies, specifically science-fiction films collection on Mars.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

You need more than a day to accurately explore Wadi Rum’s landscapes, but one of the finest ways to perform so is via a warm air balloon ride. ~ spending the night in ~ a Bedouin camp under enchanting, star-filled skies, head the end (or rather, up) with Royal Aero sports Club that Jordan. You’ll get a bird’s-eye see of the ever-changing sand dunes and also monolithic absent formations the make Wadi Rum among Jordan’s most treasured places.

Teotihuacan, Mexico

The old Mesoamerican city that Teotihuacan is stunning from any angle, yet for a truly distinctive perspective, watch it from a warm air balloon. Evaluate the UNESCO world Heritage site’s overwhelming scale and also well-planned layout from over on a day expedition from Mexico City with Bamba Experience. It’s the best way to gain far sufficient away from the crowds to imagine what the site could have looked choose over 2,000 year ago.

Tuscany, Italy

This beloved region in Italy is even an ext romantic indigenous above. With Tuscany Ballooning, you’ll glide over miles of roll plains, hilltop villages, and also medieval castles in the Chianti an ar while working up an appetite for a important Tuscan breakfast: regional bread and olive oil, farm-fresh cheese, and also cold cuts.

Believe the or not, balloon rides are among the height reasons come visit Utah’s Park City throughout off season. (Those same superior peaks that sell skiers and also snowboarders so lot fun throughout winter create suitable backdrop because that a summer ride v the sky.) neighborhood tour operators favor Park City Balloon Adventures also pair flights with a champagne toast at the end.

Yarra Valley, Australia

Wine regions and hot air balloon rides go hand in hand, and seeing the Yarra sink from the skies with an international Ballooning is nothing brief of unforgettable. This top wine region in the Land down Under is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, whereby the firm offers urban warm air balloon tours as well.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

The Namib Desert’s ever-shifting red sands space not conveniently explored through foot. V tour operators prefer Namib skies Balloon Sznjke.comis, you have the right to comfortably do your means over the dunes, including the oldest and also tallest dune top top Earth, together you glide over the grass levels of NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Notable because that its historic towns, architecture, and wines, the main Loire valley is known as a UNESCO human being Heritage site.

Loire Valley, France

To see multiple châteaux and vineyards all in one day in France, embark on an aerial adventure through AERFUN Balloons. You’ll obtain a distinct view the manicured gardens that the area’s castles and carpets that vineyard dotting the countryside follow me the Loire River.

4 other must-attend events for warm air balloon lovers:

For those fear of heights (or not particularly in the mood for an adrenaline rush), this festivals space the perfect places to clues the funny from below.

Indianola, Iowa

Every year at the end of July and also beginning the August, Indianola hosts the nationwide Balloon Classic. The nine-day occasion sees an ext than 100 balloons take flight over the region’s renowned cornfields if live concerts play below. Extra-enthusiasts have the right to pay to visit the nationwide Balloon Museum and U.S. Ballooning room of Fame, both the which contact Indianola home.

Bristol, England

Travelers that visit the unified Kingdom’s Lake ar in early August shouldn’t miss the Bristol worldwide Balloon Fiesta. This weekend festival is the U.K.’s largest annual ballooning event and also includes an evening assent as well as a semi-choreographed irradiate show. The fun, free, and an excellent for the entirety family.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Every respectable just external of Montreal, the Montgolfières Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu worldwide Balloon Festival hosts a week-long ballooning celebration finish with night glows, team flights, children activities, and also performances by local and well-known musical and also comedy acts. 

Reno, Nevada

Nevada’s many exciting yearly ballooning event is the an excellent Reno Balloon Race, which takes ar each September in Rancho san Rafael regional Park. Initially conceived together a method to store tourists in town in between the Nevada State Fair and also the Reno waiting Races, this day it’s world the largest free hot waiting ballooning event.

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