Harbor seal hauled out on ice, which has calved from the south Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm-Ford"s Terror Wilderness area, south east Alaska, USA. Photo: Lindblad Expeditions/Michael S. Nolan


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In much of the north hemisphere, June is great time weather-wise to squeeze in a trip prior to most institution vacations start, the summer crowds surge, and the heat descends. In some places, it’s also a great month for hiking and also spotting elusive beasts the the wild. Here are our Trusted travel Experts’ referrals for the best places to travel in June.

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Grand Canyon national Park, Arizona


Kolb Studio, cool Canyon. Photo: Mike Buchheit

The height of summer sees crowds nearly as large as the cool Canyon itself, which is up to a mile deep and also 18 miles wide; walk in June and you’ll have much much more breathing room, as well as access to the much less saw North pickled in salt (which is open just from mid-May to mid-October). Asking Wendy around who deserve to arrange helicopter flights end the canyon, mule rides down to whereby the rocks are 1.8 billion year old, rise trips follow me the Colorado River, and also behind-the-scenes tours of web page not accessible to ordinary travelers.

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Italy’s Dolomites Region


Alta Badia in Italy’s Dolomites. Photo: intuitive Working

The craggy peaks and verdant valleys the the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy, administer some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. In June you are guaranteed sunny days and also warm evenings, with not too much humidity. Reap hiking and also biking into the UNESCO-designated landscape, and afterward sample the neighborhood culinary delicacies over lunch at a hill rifugio or native a picnic basket.

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Alaska Cruises

The very first two main of June in south east Alaska—the an ar also recognized as the within Passage—typically sell drier days and much better wildlife spotting top top the beaches at low tide. This is also a prime time to spot transient orcas, migrating humpback whales, and hauled-out harbor seals. Winds coming turn off the snow-covered hill peaks make the air crisp, and also the forests showcase an abundance of colorful and diverse wildflowers.

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Newfoundland, Canada


The coast of Twillingate, brand-new World Islands, Newfoundland and also Labrador, Canada. Picture credit: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

June is typically an optimal month because that iceberg watching—a renowned pastime here. Top top a warmth day, you can watch these majestic mountains of ice flow along the province’s northern and also eastern coasts.

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In Paris, locals take benefit of the warm weather to stroll and picnic on the waterfront that Ile Saint-Louis. Photo: Andreas Eberhart, Queen the Clubs

In June, the days room longest, the temperature is many pleasant, and the cherry blossoms room in bloom. And also it’s when Parisians spend plenty of an night on the docks the the Ile Saint Louis with a music instrument, a bottle of wine, and some play cards. Plus, over there are occasions galore, from the French open up to wonderful art exhibits and several music and also film festivals.

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Mas Fleuri, Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. Photograph courtesy simply France.

June is sublime: spring is in full bloom, the create is in ~ its peak, and the warm, sunny days (save for the occasional rain and also mistral wind) and also extra-long evenings median you deserve to usually enjoy all three meals outdoors. Many villages hold festivals, with costumed parades and also traditional food and activities, at the end of the month. June is likewise when Provence’s world-famous lavender blooms and also the fields turn purple.

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San Sebastián, Spain


San Sebastian, Spain, is best in June. Photo: Shutterstock

June is a good time in mountain Sebastián: The weather has cleared however it’s no yet warm enough for beach-goers, for this reason the crowds room manageable. Enjoy the height pintxo bars when they room still filled with locals—most that whom will be changed by tourists come July and also August. And a lot of of develop comes right into season now, making the many Michelin-starred menus even more delectable 보다 usual.

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The Algarve, Portugal


Beach close to Lagos in Ponta da Piedade, Algarve region, Portugal. Photo: Shutterstock

The weather is beautiful in June, as soon as mild temperatures make it appropriate for hiking and also biking along the coast, and the Atlantic is simply warm sufficient to take it a dip. The europe crowds will certainly not come for an additional month, so you have the right to still discover a great spot on the beach (without staking the out beforehand in the morning) and nab appointments at the peak restaurants.

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Queen Elizabeth II at the Garter Ceremony with Lord Chamberlain in 1976, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England, UK. Photo: Visit Britain

Spring and autumn might be the loveliest times of year in London, however the busiest month in the British imperial calendar is June. The season in reality starts in late might with the Chelsea Flower Show. Then, in mid-June, yes the Trooping the the Colour, a big parade ~ above horseback held in honor of the queen’s birthday. After that, the ceremony in ~ Windsor castle for the Order of the Garter, which is the biggest spectacle that all, with the knights in blue velvet cloaks and also hats decorated with heron and also ostrich feathers. The totality royal family members turns out, and everyone is in their morning coats, medals, and top hats. It’s yes, really a sight! The complying with day: the Royal Ascot races. All the these occasions are open up to the public, however they often tend to be mobbed. Our reliable Travel skilled can arrange special entry to all 4 (and other royal meetings), including an after-hours visit come the Chelsea Flower show and access to the lock grounds because that the stimulate of the Garter ceremony.

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Cyclades Islands, Greece


Oia town, ~ above Santorini, is famous for the blue-domed churches and white houses overlooking the caldera. Photo: Shutterstock

In the second half of June (and right into the very first half the July), you acquire the ideal of both shoulder and also peak seasons: that lively however not crowded, warm however not scorching, and also hotel rates aren’t sky-high. You’ll likewise elude the worst of the meltemi—the daytime wind that can sandblast you off the coast from mid-July until late August—but be conscious that the Cyclades are frequently a tiny breezy; bring a few long-sleeved tops because that evenings, simply in case.

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Koh Phangan, Thailand


Koh Phangan, Thailand. Photo: Journeys Within

While the remainder of Thailand is beginning the rainy season in June, the island the Koh Phangan is quiet sunny and also dry, make it right for snorkeling, diving, and also lounging on the beach. As it’s high season ~ above Koh Phangan, you won’t watch deep discounts for your continue to be there, but if you’re pairing the coast time v a larger journey approximately Thailand you deserve to take benefit of the “green season” specials in the rest of the country.

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European Canal Barge Cruises


The eight-passenger barge Hirondelle setravel in Champagne, France. Photo: Barge Lady Cruises

In June, the weather is finest (not too hot, not as well cool), and also the crowds haven’t however arrived, make this a perfect month to obtain to recognize a tiny slice of the Continent intimately and also thoroughly. The Champagne region is particularly glorious for June cruises: Sip and also savor the best bubbly both onboard and ashore, feast ~ above seasonal gourmet cuisine paired with locally-sourced spirits, and stroll or bicycle the mile of manicured towpath, all under the first blushes of France’s sweet summer sun.

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India’s Himalaya Mountains: Trekking and Tigers

A royal Bengal tiger follow me in the Ranthambore Tiger make reservation in Rajasthan, India. Photo: Sanjay Saxena

June is terrific time because that hikers, as numerous Himalayan trekking paths are open, and the mountains (up to about 14,000 feet, at least) room covered with rhododendron blooms and also other wildflowers. And while it’s very hot in the central plains, it’s likewise the ideal time because that visiting that region’s wildlife parks—especially the tiger reserves.

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Rwanda and also Uganda: Gorilla Trekking


The finest time because that gorilla tracking in Rwanda is June through September. Photograph by James Friedman.

Gorilla sightings are equally great all year lengthy (though never guaranteed). However, the finest time for gorilla tracking is June, when it’s cool and also there is much less precipitation (but remember, this is still the rain forest, and also storms deserve to hit any kind of day).

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Yakushima, Japan


Japan’s sub-tropical island that Yakushima is ideal for intrepid travelers. Photo: Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima

This sub-tropical island, located in the waters just south of Kyushu, is appropriate for intrepid travelers: Its hills and large forest of ancient cedar trees room crisscrossed through a network of long walking trails, from straightforward walks to an overwhelming ascents. June signals the finish of the merganser season, for this reason you’ll discover stunning waterfalls along the trails; it’s additionally when intimidated loggerhead sea turtles go back to Yakushima’s beaches to nest.

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St Josephs Feast 2014, Malta. Photo: exclusively Malta

Village feasts happen around the country just about every weekend from might through October, v parades, concerts, and also fireworks. By mid-June, the ocean is warm sufficient for swimming, but the island isn’t together busy—and the weather not as hot—as later on in the summer.

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Cappadocia, Turkey


Balloons over Cappadocia. Picture courtesy of Earl Starkey

In June the wildflowers room in bloom and also everything is tho green. The irradiate is best for photography, the days are long, and the nights room lovely. The is additionally a perfect time for balloon flights, and also there is a hill biking festival too.

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Uma through Como, Ubud, Bali. Photograph Courtesy Como Resorts

June is the calm before—and after—the traveler storms that hit this island throughout the Christmas/New Year duration and in July, August, and also early September. It additionally has the most reliably satisfied weather (daytime temps in the 80s and also gentle breezes to save the sunlight from feeling as well hot) and decent prices (high-season hotel prices don’t absent in till July).

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Borneo. Photo: Wild Frontiers

Borneo’s dried season (if you have the right to have one in the rainforest) operation from may through September, and also by June the fruiting season is in complete swing; this is the best time to view orangutans and other animals swinging v the trees.

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The Tiger’s colony monastery in bloom, Bhutan. Photo: Myths and Mountains

In June the greater mountainsides are dressed in the pinks, whites, reds, purples, and oranges that Himalayan rhododendron flowers. Iris, orchids, primula, and other flowers space blooming, feather plantings are poking their pipeline up the end of fields, and migratory birds space heading north across the mountains. Many travelers have actually gone home, so roadways are no teeming v buses and other traveler vehicles (which is an extremely important in a country with just one east-west road). Moreover, v fewer visitors, Bhutanese locals have actually time to sit and also chat or cook special meals instead of the typical tourist buffets. Yes, girlfriend may have actually some clouds or probably a shower, yet the more peaceful countryside provides the trade-off fine worthwhile.

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Baltic Cruises


Saint Isaac Cathedral across Moyka river, St Petersburg, Russia. Photo: Shutterstock

The Baltic is ideal throughout St. Petersburg’s “White Nights,” when dusk meets dawn and also the sunlight does no dip deep enough below the horizon to carry on complete darkness (a phenomenon lasting native late may through July, and also peaking in mid-June). During this period, there is a playful emotion in the city together inhabitants and visitors enjoy being outside late into the night, and numerous ballet, opera, and also music events take place.

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Other good Options This Month

Click on any type of of the destinations listed below to discover out why June is a good time come go.

American West: flow rafting

Australia: great Barrier Reef



Brazil: Pantanal wetlands

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

Brazil: southerly Amazon

Brazil: Trancoso’s turn off season

Cambodia: environment-friendly season

Canada: brothers Colombia

Caribbean: off-season rates

China: Yunnan Province

Colombia: Bogota

Costa Rica: environment-friendly season

Ecuador: household trips come the Galapagos

Egypt: value trips


French Polynesia

Germany: Bavaria

Italy: Florence’s Festa di mountain Giovanni

Italy: Sicily

Italy: Umbria’s festival season



Mexico’s Riviera Maya


Montana and also Wyoming: Yellowstone national Park


Nicaragua: rainy-season deals


New Zealand: winter activities in Queenstown


Papua new Guinea







South Africa: whale watching and shark-cage diving

St. Barts: yearly sales

Turkey: Aegean Coast

Turkey: Istanbul

Utah’s national Parks


Washington: whale the town hall in the mountain Juan Islands



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